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Tech Treasurers Meet at Carmel Valley Ranch Resort

By November 8, 2022No Comments

Members had a wonderful time at our H2 Tech Treasurer’s meeting at Carmel Valley Ranch Resort. A special thanks to the MUFG team for sponsoring our two-day meeting.

Key sessions included Inventory Finance and the Tech Supply Chain; Research Findings on Cashflow Forecasting; our Members-Only Projects & Priorities session; Financing in this Unprecedented Market; Understanding new SEC Regulations on ESG and Share Repurchase; Corporate Tech Venture Investing; Recession & Energy Crisis; our classic Rating Agency Roundtable; and finally Magic Wand Wishes.

The group came together for several activities including walk and talks, night golf, smores, and much more!

A special thank you to all of our guest presenters: Bill Dakin (Arrow Electronics), Kyle Mitchell (Arrow Electronics), Casper Benteler (Benteler Trading), Lisa Fontenot (Baker McKenzie), Moe Worsley (Baker McKenzie), Erik Christenson (Baker McKenzie), Tero Collin (Microsoft), Michael Janse (Qualcomm Ventures), Andrew Chang (Standard & Poor’s), and Jason Pompeii (Fitch Ratings).

A big kudos to Alyssa McArdle, CMP for flawless execution of this event. A thank you to the NeuGroup team for facilitating; Joseph Neu, Chris Hall, Amy KemmererNilly Essaides, and Courtney Royer.

NeuGroup for Tech Treasurers, formerly known as the Tech20 Treasurers’ Peer Group, is the first and premier peer group for leading treasurers in the Tech sector. The group initially targeted the 20 largest US technology firms and has since grown to include a larger number, including non-US tech names with US and global interests or aspirations. The group caters to more mature, big tech firms with established treasury and finance functions deploying the latest best practices to efficiently support businesses that need to grow at a very large scale. 


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