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The Fastest Growing NeuGroup Continues on Its Upward Trajectory

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NeuGroup for Capital Markets recently embarked on its second meeting with discussions on ESG, the debt market, liquidity and more.

The fastest-growing NeuGroup ever, the NeuGroup for Capital Markets, had its second-ever meeting via Zoom just over a week ago, with treasury professionals on debt capital markets teams sharing and learning with one another, sponsored by Deutsche Bank.

  • After the first day of meetings, members had time to unwind and bond with one another in a virtual trivia contest, competing as teams to test their knowledge of a broad range of topics in a competitive (but fun) trivia contest. The winning team received a delivery from

Hot Button questions. ESG is arguably one of the most rapidly accelerating themes in the market and will likely remain so for the foreseeable future. The meeting broke down many of members’ questions on the subject, as well as others, including:

  • What should members know about ESG ratings? Who are the providers and who are institutional investors most closely watching?
  • How are companies evaluating debt exchanges and tenders? How do investors and rating agencies view liability management transactions?
  • What lessons were learned by members who approached the debt markets at different times during 2020? What can other members share on transactions priced this year?

Experts with insights on pressing issues. It’s not just members asking questions to one another at NeuGroup meetings. Experts from sponsor Deutsche Bank, includingCo-Head of Global Debt Capital Markets Marc Fratepietro and Mai-Yin Picard, Debt Capital Markets, heard members’ concerns and provided their valuable perspective on subjects like:

  • The LIBOR/SOFR transition: Anupdate on how Deutsche Bank can provide on relevant market developments and recent transactions (bonds and loans) which have been indexed to SOFR, and how the transaction will impact the derivative market and swap transactions.
  • The Impact of the Fed. With rates expected to remain near zero for the next several years, experts dove deep on how that will impact structure (fixed/floating), term, and timing decisions.

A special thank you to Deutsche Bank for their long-term support of the NeuGroup Network of peer groups and for sponsoring the 2020 H2 meeting. For more on this meeting, read NeuGroup’s distilled key takeaways at NeuGroup Insights.

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