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The Importance of Timing When Buying Political Risk Insurance

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Laura Burns of WTW explains the benefits of policies that insure losses caused by geopolitical crises in episode nine of NeuGroup’s Strategic Finance Lab podcast.

Russia’s escalating war with Ukraine and rising tensions between the US and China are two big reasons why multinational corporations might want to consider buying political risk insurance—in other regions of the world, where it’s not too late to find coverage.

  • To learn what corporates need to know about political risk insurance, hit the play button below or head to Apple or Spotify and hear insights from Laura Burns, who heads the political risk practice for WTW, formerly known as Willis Towers Watson. She joins NeuGroup Insights writer Justin Jones on the latest Strategic Finance Lab podcast, recorded in August.
  • Political risk insurance policies fill gaps in traditional property insurance policies, picking up where other coverages drop off, Ms. Burns explains in the podcast.

Ms. Burns also discusses how growing up in Bermuda with family in the insurance business provided an up-close view of innovations in insurance policies and, along with a lifelong enthusiasm for international affairs, made political risk insurance the perfect job for her.

  • “I discovered this little niche called political risk insurance, and I thought, ‘well that’s interesting, marrying the family business with my particular interest in geopolitics,” she says. “I would say this is the best-kept secret in the business.”

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