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Top 3 Benefits of a NeuGroup Membership

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How a NeuGroup membership can help you to stay on top of the latest updates and solutions going on in your industry. 

With a NeuGroup membership, you will have the chance to network with some of the leading industry experts along with other peers looking to grow. While creating these worthwhile connections, you will find yourself exchanging and receiving knowledge on your own personal goals, while still inspiring and sharing with other professionals. 

There is a group for just about everybody. 

With 25 peer groups and 5 working groups, NeuGroup provides over 500 meeting opportunities for our members. Whether you’re looking to learn more about new technology in your industry, gain new ESG insights, or explore the latest treasury innovations, we’ve got a group for that. If you’re not sure which group would benefit you most, you can inquire about your opportunities here

Network from the comfort of your own home. 

When the pandemic started affecting the way businesses operate, NeuGroup took a different route to acknowledge member communication. By utilizing digital meeting technology, our Virtual Interactive Sessions allow members to connect with sponsors and peers in an interactive and engaging way. Upcoming Virtual Interactive Sessions that you may be interested in include: 

Chance to connect with our sponsors and guests. 

With over 40 sponsors and continuous guest speakers, each session members participate in offers unique insight and solutions from top leading companies and professionals. A NeuGroup membership will allow you to connect with companies like State Street and Deutsche Bank to develop new perspectives and add value to projects you are currently working on. 

Want to know more about a NeuGroup membership? Join NeuGroup today!

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