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True Grit in Treasury: Hiring People With Perseverance and Passion

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Hear Medtronic FX risk manager Tim Husnik explain why grit is an essential quality.

Medtronic senior treasury director Tim Husnik is proud that everyone on the FX risk management team he leads innovates, solves problems, experiments, creates and builds. He says that’s a big change from the days when treasury was viewed as a tactical team, rather than the strategic partner it is today.

  • In the video interview below, he says that to find talent with the right stuff, he looks for candidates with “grit”—which he defines as passion, perseverance and resilience, among other traits. He wants people who can adapt and find innovative solutions to confront the unrelenting challenges treasury teams face.
  • Mr. Husnik shares some of the questions he asks to find people who will fit a team of practitioners selected for their grit rather than just education and experience. One of them: “If you weren’t in finance, what career would you want to be doing?”
  • Watch the full interview to hear Mr. Husnik’s entertaining answer to that question.
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