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In partnership with U.S. Bank, NeuGroup is offering free digital memberships to the NeuGroup for Retail Treasury for the remainder of 2020.

The NeuGroup for Retail Treasury was formed at the suggestion of Starbucks Vice President and Treasurer Peter Filipovic to bring together treasury leaders from customer-facing retail and related food-service businesses with significant scope and physical presence. The objective is to share and learn on current priority projects you have in common, topics of current importance and solutions to shared problems. U.S. Bank is excited to support the group for its 2020 launch.

With Covid-19 and the unprecedented impact on the retail sector, NeuGroup has been conducting virtual meetings for members, since in real life meetings are no longer possible. Current members include Starbucks, Walmart, Target, Lowe’s, Best Buy, Dollar Tree, Ikea, Chipolte, Chick Fil A, Chanel, Estée Lauder and others. The group will start a series of focused virtual sessions covering a range of member-selected topics in June.

U.S. Bank would like to connect you with your retail sector treasury peers by offering you a digital membership to join this group for their virtual sessions in June and for the remainder of its meetings for 2020.


  • Update on the Five R’s of Covid-19 for Syndicated Lending
  • Projects and Priorities Update
  • Insurance and Risk Finance Alternatives for Key Risks
  • Supply Chain Management/Finance and Vendor Terms
  • Workers’ Comp and Customer Claims
  • Regulation and Industry Norms Emerging from Crisis
  • Leases and Real Estate Considerations for the Next Normal
  • The Next Normal for Payments: Supporting a Contactless Point of Sale, Digital, Omnichannel, Plus Rail-Agnostic and Real-Time Payments
  • Green and Sustainability-Linked Finance

Digital membership will give you access to the key deliverables we at NeuGroup are able to provide during this period when in real life meetings cannot take place. This means

  • virtual meetings,
  • digital communities
  • privileged access to the insight we distill from all our numerous exchanges validated by our members and
  • Connected by NeuGroup™ matches to peers to share and learn for mutual success in your careers, to collaborate on priority projects, to address topics of interest or solutions you are seeking in common.

To learn what more digital membership can deliver for you, and identify how the NeuGroup for Retail Treasury can help you, please fill out our form.

By answering just a few questions*, we can also determine if you are fit for another existing NeuGroup, a member working group, or if we can find a match with peers to be Connected by NeuGroup™

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