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Virtual Interactive Session with HighRadius Shows AI Cash Forecasting Path Through Crisis

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NeuGroup VIS with HighRadius on Navigating Volatility with Artificial Intelligence

In our latest members-only Virtual Interactive Session today, NeuGroup connected members of our Global Cash and Banking Group with select members from across the NeuGroup Network and HighRadius. The objective was to share and learn how to navigate volatility with artificial intelligence and improve both cash forecasting and automation during this crisis.

What’s a Virtual Interactive Session? A virtual interactive session (VIS) is a distilled version of a NeuGroup meeting in a virtual format. It is one of the new member deliverables we have rolled out in response to Covid-19.

  • A VIS is typically 60-90 minutes long with a brief overview presentation or opening remarks, followed by interactive breakouts for members to share and learn with each other and, in this case, HighRadius, a NeuGroup sponsor partner.
  • We have multiple VIS going on for various member constituencies each month.

Why HighRadius? HighRadius has garnered quite a bit of member attention helped by their participation in several recent NeuGroup meetings. They have also demonstrated in these sessions and outside them, expertise that has earned them a good reputation for helping corporates use technology, including artificial intelligence to improve the accuracy and efficiency/automation of cash forecasts.

  • Cash forecasting, of course, has been even more in the spotlight than usual, due to the dramatic impact of Covid-19 on cash generation generally, as well as on AR and AP behavior.
  • Tracey Ferguson Knight, Director of Solution Engineering (Treasury) for HighRadius also does a nice job of explaining the technology use cases and garnering enthusiasm for AI use in cash forecasting.

We thus created an opportunity for HighRadius (and Tracey) to share their insight more broadly across our membership in this VIS, including how Covid-19 impacts on cash generation impact AI-driven forecasting, while learning how members are coping with and without AI cash forecasting tools.

Check out NeuGroup Insights for more on what we learned at the VIS.

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