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Virtual Interactive Sessions Keep NeuGroup Members Connected Through the Fall

By December 11, 2020No Comments

Though the fall meeting cycle is wrapping up, the NeuGroup Process continues.

When the Covid-19 Pandemic upended the way businesses across the globe functioned, NeuGroup reacted quickly, utilizing digital meeting technology to keep the meeting cycle going.

  • And even though the fully virtual 2020 H2 meeting cycle is nearly complete, that doesn’t mean members are waiting until the spring to resume sharing and learning with their peers. Through Virtual Interactive Sessions, peer groups are still connecting with one another and sponsors using leading web-meeting tools.
  • In just the past two weeks, there have been four of these VISes, showcasing the varied possibilities and broad potential of this new NeuGroup Initiative.

Treasurers’ Roundtable for Extraordinary Companies. Also known as t-REX, this group held a virtual interactive session sponsored by Societe Generale on foreign exchange markets and an outlook for 2021.

  • Thanks to a presentation from Christophe Downey, director of corporate fixed income advisory at SocGen, members in attendance from tREX (with members invited from other groups as well), had the opportunity to get key questions answered, including:
    • How are members intending to manage what may be a prolonged period of USD weakness?
    • In light of chronic volatility, are company hedging policies where they need to be?
    • With increased global expansion, how are members approaching EM foreign exchange risk?

Life Sciences Treasurers’ Peer Group. Members from LSTPG heard from subject matter experts on the topic of insurance renewals.

  • The presentation discussed both the P&C and D&O markets along with where we got to today and how we got here
  • Following these comments, members were moved into breakout rooms for 15 minutes, some of which possible could have gone on longer, covering topics including the timing of starting the renewal process and how members are thinking “outside the box.”

Cross-Group Interactive Sessions. A pair of recent virtual interactive sessions sponsored by Deutsche Bank took a look ahead into 2021, from a geopolitical angle as well as a session focused on liability management.

  • In the first, Ryan Montgomery, Deutsche Bank’s head of liability management in North America, gave opening remarks on the topic, followed by members connecting with one another in breakout rooms facilitated by NeuGroup. Some of the questions addressed in this session included:
    • What is driving corporate interest in liability management and especially debt exchanges?
    • How have companies used liability management to manage and extend their debt maturities?
    • How are companies evaluating debt exchanges and tenders?
  • In the next, Frank Kelly, a government & public affairs guru at Deutsche Bank, gave a presentation titled “As the Election Dust Settles, What Treasurers Need to Know Now.”
    • Members had the opportunity to pick the brain of one of the preeminent experts on how recent political movements will impact treasurers.
    • The topics covered included the likelihood of bipartisan legislation in the US, post-Covid recovery and ESG; you can find some of his key takeaways in the intro to the most recent NeuGroup Insights Newsletter.

For more on these and other meetings, stay tuned to NeuGroup Insights.

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