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Wanted: Strategic CFOs Who Drive Revenue, See Risk Holistically

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The founder of CFO.University envisions finance teams that use analysis skills to drive sales while taking a wide view of risk.

In the newest episode of NeuGroup’s Strategic Finance Lab podcast, Steve Rosvold, the founder and chief learning officer of CFO.University, shares a vision of the future for chief financial officers and the teams they manage, including FP&A. It’s a future where finance organizations use their expertise at analysis to mine insights from data and add more strategic value to corporates, in part by focusing on pricing, revenue growth and forecasting.

  • That, Mr. Rosvold says, requires CFOs and other finance leaders to move beyond mindsets built around costs, audits and historical facts and figures and embrace softer skills and storytelling that help finance teams influence other stakeholders.
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Steve Rosvold, CFO.University

In the interview with NeuGroup’s Nilly Essaides, Mr. Rosvold also discusses how skyrocketing interest rates and recent bank failures have underscored the need for finance leaders to take a more holistic view of risk management that goes way beyond banks.

  • He says finance teams must collaborate with other departments to evaluate every risk that could potentially impact the organization’s financial objectives and overall strategy.
  • CFO.University is an online professional development community that offers courses, content and tools designed to help chief financial officers hone their skills and succeed. Before launching it in 2017, Mr. Rosvold spent nearly two decades at Cargill and served as CFO of food brand ConAgra Malt.

In addition to listening to the the Strategic Finance Lab podcast, you can watch a “CFO Talk” video produced by CFO.University of Mr. Rosvold interviewing Ms. Essaides on topics including transformational change management.

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