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We’re Ready for Your Close-Up

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Recorded interviews offer NeuGroup members and partners a way to share best practices, lessons learned and thought leadership with a broad audience. 

NeuGroup is hitting fast forward on our production of videos featuring interviews with members, sponsors and partners. And we want you to get in on the act—by both watching the videos and starring in them! 

As summer turns to fall, expect to see a steady stream of Zoom-recorded conversations with your peers and other subject matter experts who are willing to share their experience and knowledge while making themselves known to an audience beyond the real and virtual walls of NeuGroup meetings and Visual Interactive Sessions. 

  • This is win-win: Viewers will benefit from interviewees’ insights on everything from treasury fundamentals to technology tools to talent management and beyond. And interviewees will not only help fellow practitioners but build their own brands and those of their employers—an increasingly important part of career development. 

Come one, call all. We’re now lining up guests to be interviewed by NeuGroup staff, including founder Joseph Neu. And we want your suggestions of whom to interview—including you—as well as topics you want to learn more about. Write us with your nominations and to volunteer: [email protected] 

  • We’ll showcase the videos here on our website, in our weekly emails and through social media on our TwitterLinkedIn and YouTube feeds. And we hope you’ll share those you like with people who follow you inside and outside of your company. 
  • You may have seen our recent interview with MUFG’s Lucia Greenblatt on a tech company’s capital structure journey, which took a topic that came up in the a meeting of NeuGroup for Growth-Tech Treasurers and gave an expert the opportunity to expound on her thoughts.  
  • In another, ARRC Chairman and Morgan Stanley Vice Chairman Tom Wipf took Joseph Neu’s questions about the Libor transition. This is only a first look at several pieces of the interview NeuGroup Insights will post in the days ahead.

Stay tuned. In the future, be on the lookout for videos that provide a peek into the NeuGroup Process, offer up testimonials from members and employees and deliver how-to instructional content to help every finance professional reach their goals.  

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