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Zoom in to NeuGroup Meetings

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This week’s 2020 FX Managers’ Peer Group Summit was transformational.

Due to COVID-19 and the health and safety concerns we have for our members, our team, our sponsor partners and our respective stakeholders, we decided last week to make all NeuGroup meetings virtual until further notice. As such, we just this week executed our first virtual meeting with NeuGroup’s FX Managers’ Peer Group 2020 Summit. The decision was made in consultation with our long-standing partner, Chatham Financial, which was to be our sponsor and host at their offices in Denver. Instead, they became our Zoom-in meeting partner and we want to thank them publicly and profusely for supporting this decision and for working with us in this new virtual format.

NeuGroup believes that canceling or postponing member meetings is simply not an option. There are so many unprecedented things happening in the businesses we work for, the offices we work in, the communities we live and the markets in which participate, that we must remain committed to providing meeting opportunities to share and learn on how best to respond to them.

Our Founder and CEO, Joseph Neu, noted in his KTAs video following the meeting, that the most import important takeaway was the validation that we can have a NeuGroup meeting successfully in a virtual environment:

“Delivering a presentation is one thing, but we saw how we can facilitate what makes NeuGroup meetings truly valuable: the face-to-face connections and sharing and learning in the formal meeting sessions, and also, more importantly, the sidebar conversations where meaningful relationships are nurtured and the most useful insight is often exchanged. Plus, we did this with one of our largest meetings with over 70 participants at a multi-group summit meeting.”

For all of us at NeuGroup this was truly transformational. We are therefore grateful to everyone who participated and kept themselves open to having a NeuGroup meeting experience using Zoom to make the trip.

If you would like to learn more about the opportunity to Zoom in to NeuGroup meetings, contact us here or click below.

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