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RCF Renewals in the Post COVID

June 30, 2021, 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

About this meeting

Early on in the pandemic, companies were determined to bolster their balance sheets by tapping revolvers or looking for loans. What’s the thinking now? How has your bank group performed during the COVID-19 crisis?

In the depths of the Covid-19 pandemic, the value of bank loan facilities put in place by corporates tanked by more than 50% to about $200 billion. In the first quarter this year, it topped $500 billion, above the level reached a year prior. How are companies dealing with renewals?

About this Peer Group

NeuGroup for Large-Cap Assistant Treasurers is an invitation-only group of assistant treasurers from leading multinational corporations who share knowledge and practice for the further development of treasury expertise and careers. The group follows NeuGroup’s time-tested approach for membership peer groups, including facilitated agenda development, benchmarking surveys, and professional networking.

Meeting type

Interim meetings are meant for members of the specified peer group. These meetings originated in response to Covid-19 to keep members connected virtually in between semi-annual peer group meetings. They have a headline topic or topics presented for discussion, followed by an open forum for additional peer sharing and learning on other items.

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