NeuGroup nurtures a thriving community of corporate finance professionals dedicated to knowledge sharing and collaborative benchmarking among peers.

Our membership brings forward an enriching experience that includes:

  • Engaging virtual meetings held on a regular basis, ensuring frequent opportunities for networking and learning
  • Specialized working groups that address specific issues, projects, or systems, allowing members to dive deeper into their areas of interest
  • Dynamic digital communities that provide a platform for exchanging ideas and insights with like-minded professionals
  • Facilitated introductions to peers and partners through our unique Connected by NeuGroup™ program, enabling collaboration on shared priorities and solutions
  • Exclusive access to the valuable insights we gather from our vast network of members

Your NeuGroup membership will deliver a different experience, depending on who you are.

To discover the benefits of what a NeuGroup membership can deliver for you, please fill out our form.

By answering just a few questions, we can determine if you are fit for an existing NeuGroup, a member working group, or if we can find a match with peers to be Connected by NeuGroup™

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