Membership Agreement

Thank You for Your NeuGroup Membership!

The next step in your membership journey may vary depending on who you are and your membership type.

All members should be sure that have had a recent Projects and Priorities call with a NeuGroup Leader to:

  • Identify or update your top projects and priorities
  • Explain the context for what’s driving them
  • Acknowledge who in and outside of your company has been helpful with them so far
  • Get caught up on any recent Member Activities you might have missed
  • Build on our current profile of you and your company:
    • What people, processes and systems you work with?
    • What you would most like to learn in the upcoming term?
    • What you can share to give back to the network?

With this information, along with that we may collect via NeuGroup Peer Research, we will begin or begin again to get you Connected by NeuGroup™ with others (or others with you and your connections) who we agree should be connected for knowledge exchange, benchmarking, collaboration and other networking for mutual success.

Most members should also make sure you have:

  • Confirmed you can access to your NeuGroup Community (do you have your user name and password, plus the login page bookmarked?)
  • Information about upcoming meetings
  • Received the latest edition of NeuGroup Insights in your email inbox and bookmarked for more.
  • Know where to find the What’s Neu blog ( to keep up with the latest NeuGroup news
  • Contact details for your group leader and member company account manager (if different)

We will be in touch regarding next steps. If you need help with any of this, or further guidance on how to make the most of your NeuGroup membership, please contact us.

We look forward to working with you!

Joseph Neu
Chief Connector and Master Distiller