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    NeuGroup for Mega-Cap Assistant Treasurers is a leading forum for peer knowledge exchange on topical treasury issues for today’s strategically minded practitioner. This invitation only membership group brings together cross industry professionals from organizations with market caps or revenue of $20B-100B+ who share knowledge and practice for further development of treasury expertise and careers. The group follows NeuGroup’s time-tested approach for membership peer groups, including facilitated agenda development, benchmarking surveys and, professional networking and is limited in size to ensure familiarity, trust and frank, interactive discussion.


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    NeuGroup is a trusted thought leader and respected advocate for top corporate finance and treasury professionals interested in exchanging their knowledge and expertise. The value of the NeuGroup Process can be vast and works for our members by facilitating the right connections. Connect with peers across the NeuGroup Network. Meet solution providers and subject matter experts. Collaborate on analogous projects and priorities. Access distilled insights from member exchanges.

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    2020 H2 Mega-Cap Assistant Treasurers Meeting Summary

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    NeuGroup Mega-Cap Assistant Treasurers 2020 H2 Meeting Founder's KTAs

    Previously known as AT30

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