NeuGroup Membership

Share And Learn To Drive Success

How To Join

To become a member, (1) help us identify the top three things you are working on, (2) what you can share with peers and (3) what you would most like to learn from them.

To schedule a projects and priorities call, click here.

If you meet the member guidelines for a current group, we will invite you to join and allow you and our members to connect without further obligation. If instead you’re a better fit for or want to help us launch a new NeuGroup, we will discuss making you a NeuGroup founding member as we launch a group together.

Throughout your member journey, NeuGroup will introduce you to members in our network and our supporting partners (always with your permission), who we believe will be a valuable connec­tion for you and invite you to share and learn from each other. All we ask is that you give to get, or share as well as learn, and honor the trust of each connection made.

NeuGroup membership works for a variety of professionals:

  • Speciality finance veterans who want to give back and mentor in order to get fresh in­sight into their area of specialty
  • Finance leaders new to their role who want the help of peers to become more knowledge­able about it quickly
  • Leaders with a mandate for or interest in transformation who want peer validation for their best course of change
  • High potentials who want help reaching their full potential with the support of a curated peer network
  • Any professional who wants to connect with peers so they can face uncertainty, risk and their next crisis together.

We also encourage you to involve your team as members in our network so you help develop their full potential and share in what they learn.

About Our Exceptional Membership

Membership is Defined by the Group

Each group has a demographic defined by NeuGroup with input from its members. Members help us to identify prospective members and the types of companies they would like to see added to their groups. Practitioners who meet this profile can inquire about eligibility, or they may be referred by an existing group member to receive an invitation to join.

Membership Requires a Willingness to Share

Members measure, compare and improve their finance and treasury management based on direct input from their fellow practitioners. Everyone must be willing to share in order for all to benefit from peer knowledge exchange. To encourage sharing, members must agree to group guidelines regarding confidentiality. To start the sharing process, prospective members are asked to provide a brief profile on their organization, areas of responsibility, direct reports and current or recently-completed projects - along with a brief bio.

Membership is Invitation Only

Members control who joins to assure that each group is truly a network of peers. Once existing members approve a prospective member, a NeuGroup leader will initiate a member profile interview and quickly incorporate the new member into the meeting research process and online community.

Membership Requires Active Engagement & Meeting Attendance

A NeuGroup is structured to maximize the value of time invested, but members benefit more from active engagement. Meetings are central to enabling members to exchange knowledge on best practices, determine how best to tackle current challenges and network with their like-minded peers. Regular meeting attendance and active engagement between meetings is expected.

Fees: To cover research, organization and facilitation, NeuGroup charges an annual membership fee, and meeting sponsors are selected with member input to help underwrite the cost of facilitation.

Some Of Our Peer Group Member Companies

Ford • Nike • Archer Daniels Midland • Gap • Nokia • Ahold • General Electric • Oracle • • General Mills • PepsiCo • Apple • Google • Procter & Gamble • Hasbro • QUALCOMM • Caterpillar • HP • Cargill • Coca-Cola • Intel • Staples • Dell • Johnson & Johnson • Starbucks • DuPont • Kimberly-Clark • Eli Lilly • Koch Industries • United Health Group • John Deere • Marathon Oil • UPS • Merck • Walmart • Microsoft • Walt Disney