The Peer Group Process

NeuGroups provide an opportunity for participants to measure, compare and improve their processes and management performance with direct input from fellow practitioners. NeuGroups offer a structured group environment that fosters trust and interaction. Facilitated meetings minimize the planning requirements for participants and maximize the value of time invested. NeuGroups also foster peer knowledge sharing via a dedicated community website.

  • Membership is by invitation only.
  • Invitations are extended based on member recommendations or the identification by the peer group leader of a qualified senior financial or treasury professional.
  • The membership approves all new members.
Meeting Features

Limited Group Size

Each meeting brings together between 15 and 30 participants to preserve the intimate nature of the discussion.

Guided Interaction

Each meeting session is guided by an experienced NeuGroup leader complemented by session leaders selected for each agenda topic.

Leveraged Research

Sessions begin with a brief summary of pre-meeting research, followed by one or two session leader presentations.

A Strategic Offsite

Sessions ensure ample time for moderated discussion, as well as a chance for members to stop, step back and consider their work practices away from routine daily distractions. Breaks and a group dinner allow for important off-line conversations.

Our Process

Developing the Agenda

A NeuGroup leader works with the members to design a relevant meeting agenda through online polls and individual interviews.

Collecting Benchmarking Information

Based on topics selected by the members, NeuGroup leader drafts a pre-meeting survey to collect pertinent information and identify members who can present case studies to launch session discussions. Once the survey is finalized with input from the participants, the members complete the survey in advance of the meeting to provide relevant benchmarking information.

Capturing and Accessing Peer Group Knowledge

After the meeting, NeuGroup leader captures key takeaways in a post-meeting report. NeuGroup team posts the report and related content items such as presentations, benchmarking tables and profiles of member companies on each group's dedicated website. This content is accessible to members only. Group members can also use an online forum to stay in touch between meetings and seek immediate feedback and advice on pressing matters.
Online Community
  • Members have password-protected access to an online community, NeuGroup Exchange.
  • Members can use NeuGroup Exchange to continue discussions started at a meeting, ask confidential questions of fellow members, discuss current topics, view profiles of fellow members, review meeting summaries and related research, and make or view announcements.