NeuGroup Research Debriefing: Treasury’s 2024 Agenda

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According to NeuGroup’s 2024 Treasury Agenda Survey, treasury’s #1 risk next year is an economic downturn, reflecting their interest rate expectations. Here are the three main takeaways:

Financing and liquidity. Expectations of lower revenues and higher borrowing rates are elevating the importance of treasury’s mandate as the custodian of liquidity. Ensuring liquidity in uncertain economic times was the objective most- often selected as treasurers’ #1 priority this year.

Cloud stalls. The migration to cloud-based applications to serve treasury has not kept up with expectations. The pace looks to pick up, however, in line with the #3 priority to accelerate digital transformation. 43% of respondents have a cloud-based TMS and an additional 56% expect to have one over the next 12-24 months.

Treasury FTEs doing even more with less. As data management improves to feed automation and AI tools, the trend in treasury headcount is downward. RPA adoption more than doubled, while advanced analytics and AI/ML solutions are surging toward majority adoption in next 2 years.

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