Our Mission


To help corporate finance and treasury professionals reach their full, professional and personal potential and assist our members and their teams in driving success for their companies, customers, peers and themselves.

Our Vision


To connect every finance and treasury professional who wants to share and learn. To enable the exchange of knowledge and benchmarking data and to drive process excellence by reaching beyond today’s best practices.

Three Pillars Support Facilitation Of Knowledge Exchange For Your Success

The NeuGroup Process

Our community is high profiled membership network. It is a supportive and active community where members actively influence the process and share in-depth, quality, distill knowledge and information. Membership is defined by the group. It’s an invitation only.



Form lasting connections with finance and treasury professionals from the world’s most iconic companies. Attend in-person or online meetings, intimate roundtable discussion and participate in offline facilitated conversations.



Share and learn best practices with peers inside and outside your industry. Compare benchmarking data to validate and improve key processes. Identify technology solutions. Get practical, practitioner-validated advice.



Read weekly insights from across the NeuGroup network. Stay informed on the latest developments in finance and treasury. Receive research and thought-leadership content on current and future finance and treasury challenges. Access videos and podcasts with members and experts to learn more about critical issues.

Inspire, Share & Learn with Us


Knowledge. Communication. Passion. Integrity. Collaboration. Appreciation. Learn More.

NeuGroup’s foundational principle is connecting people by providing a ready-made platform to network with peers and exchange knowledge and insights. Through the quality and cadence of interaction among members, we foster an environment of trust, where people speak freely and support each other on and offline through our Connected by NeuGroup capability.

Peer groups meet twice a year to discuss top projects and priorities and pressing issues facing the finance organizations in sessions led by our expert facilitators, member companies and select service providers. They remain continuously connected via our lively community pages and monthly online sessions.

NeuGroup’s innovative approach to peer groups membership was the first of its kind in the corporate finance and treasury space. Since our first meeting in 2001, our network has grown to become the premier platform for knowledge exchange among finance and treasury professionals, with over 40 groups, 237 member companies and 895 individual members.

Our model has withstood the test of time. In 2020, we made a successful pivot to virtual delivery, increased our meeting cadence and launched a crisis-response capability by creating ad-hoc working groups that focus on pressing issues such as the pandemic, Libor transition, ESG and the unprecedented sanctions and counter sanctions in Russia. We are currently transitioning back to in-person events, demonstrating our commitment to service excellence and responsiveness to the changing needs of our community.

The finance organization is going through a rapid transformation, triggered by technological innovation, an unrelenting focus on data-driven insight, and the evolving role of the CFO as the champion of enterprise change. NeuGroup is once again uniquely positioned to support finance and treasury professionals as the function automates aggressively and dismantles departmental silos.

Our expanding menu of groups allows vertical and horizontal professional development as we deliver on our mission to connect every finance professional who is willing to share and learn, distill knowledge and insight, and thus help finance professionals transform themselves, their teams, and their companies to thrive in the Office of the CFO’s digital future.

NeuGroup Insight


NeuGroup Insights, our network newsletter, sparks further connections and exchanges by distilling what new things we learn from our members and partners into insights that have been validated by your peers. NeuGroup Insights is your source inside the room, trusted by leaders of finance and treasury to share insights from their exchanges to help you succeed.

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