NeuGroup's Mission

Connecting Every Finance Professional Who Wants To Share And Learn

Since 1994, NeuGroup has been a trusted thought leader and respected advocate for corporate finance and treasury practitioners. For more than two decades, we’ve never stopped enhancing the experience, from people to publications, from intimate roundtable meetings to summits, from membership peer groups to professional meet-ups and from web-based intelligence services to member community platforms.

The foundational principle is connecting people to share and learn from another (aka exchange knowledge) to help each other succeed. To make it work, all must share the core value of give to get and be willing share as well as learn and not just take.

Looking ahead, we aim to build on our trusted reputation as…

  • A facilitator of frank and open exchange,
  • A thought leader that sparks new insight and has it validated by practice leaders 


  • Connect every finance professional who is willing to share and learn
  • Distill knowledge and insight from every exchange to help everyone succeed
  • Find solutions to perennial problems to advance the finance profession; and
  • Help corporate finance professionals transform themselves, their teams, their companies to thrive in the digital future.
Our Mission

To help our members in Corporate Finance and Treasury reach their full, professional potential. We assist our members and those who serve them to drive success for their companies, their customers, their teams, their peers and themselves.

Our Vision

To be the premier peer-to-peer networking platform and source of insight for our Corporate Finance and Treasury members.

Strategic Pillars

Three Pillars Support Facilitation Of Knowledge Exchange For Your Success.


Forge meaningful, personal connections

• Consistently attract the best talent in corporate finance to the NeuGroup Network

• Facilitate and encourage member to connect with eachother 1:1 and in groups throughout the year


Inspire members to share & learn

• Create a platform that inspires members to attend & actively participate

• Develop programs and processes that members share with their peers and bring in new peers to learn from


Create insightful & useful content

• Provide "insights with foresight" beyond benchmarking "today"

• Provide insights that are validated by members as useful and relevant

NeuGroup Network

Peer Knowledge Exchange

NeuGroup’s time-tested approach to membership peer groups was the first of its kind in the corporate finance and treasury space. In 2001, we held the first Tech20 peer group meeting for treasurers in the technology sector. From that first meeting, the NeuGroup Network has grown to become the premier platform for knowledge exchange among finance and treasury professionals with the most groups serving treasurers, their direct reports and colleagues who head internal audit as well as regional CFOs. We facilitate over 40 face-to-face meetings and many more virtual connections per year for our unique member network of more than 500 members and counting, comprised of peer groups segmented by company size, sector or job role. Member guidance on peer selection fosters a curated group and a trusted environment for meaningful sharing and learning, plus lasting connections.

Each group meets twice per year for a full day to day and half to exchange knowledge and experience on members top projects and priorities.

We identify what you and your peers are focused on, plus what you may be missing, to shape our meeting agendas and provide data and shared experience to support your best course of action.

We also help members connect via our on-line communities and personal introductions to keep you sharing and learning year round.

NeuGroup Insights

Neu + Group = What’s New + Peer Validated

NeuGroup Insights, our network newsletter, sparks further connections and exchanges by distilling what new things we learn from our members and partners into insights that have been validated by your peers. NeuGroup Insights is your source inside the room, trusted by leaders of finance and treasury to share insights from their exchanges to help you succeed.

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