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NeuGroup for Capital Markets Meet at The Deutsche Bank Center in NYC

By October 17, 2022December 11th, 2022No Comments

An amazing meeting at the Deutsche Bank Center in New York City with a breath-taking view of Central Park to cap off the first day! It was great to be back in person and see members talking to each other at the meeting, on The Deutsche Bank Terrace, and dinner at The Porter House. This was also the inaugural in-person meeting for NeuGroup for Capital Markets.

The sessions through the two-day meeting, went from a Capital Markets update by Jeanmarie G. (DB), Jonathan Krissel (DB), to Higher Inflation and Capital Structure Considerations by members and Deutsche Bank’s Hamid Khalique and John Han. Through the two days, Deutsche Bank provided thoughtful insight for issuers in this unprecedented time. Highlights also included Jim Reid’s session on day two with an Economic and Market Update that was timely and thought-provoking for members. A session on Fixed Income Investor Relations was by Ford’s Ryan Hershberger and Deutsche Bank’s Matthew Siracuse and Sam Wareham that led to many questions on the various way companies can provide valuable information to fixed-income institutional investors. As always, the Project & Priorities session was a member favorite as was the newly introduced Magic Wand session!

A huge thank you again to Deutsche Bank for hosting and sponsoring and to the members who made the trip and Zoomed in to make the meeting such a success!

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