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September 28, 2020

Wells Fargo Gives FX Managers a Mantra

Thank you to NeuGroup's FX Managers' Peer Members for sharing and learning with us last week. A big thank you as well to Wells Fargo, including Sharif M. Saba, CFA, Matthew Daniel, Mark Veale and team, for your support and insight. Anne Friberg, we appreciate all you do to help #corporateFXleaders #connectwithneugroup. This meeting's mantra: FX risk management is more important than ever.
Cash & Working Capital
September 25, 2020

Payments Ownership by Treasury and Other Founder KTAs from GCBG 2020 H2 Meeting

By Joseph Neu During NeuGroup’s second meeting of the fall season, Global Cash and Banking Group members discussed a variety of cash and payment topics in sessions sponsored by TIS. Below are a few takeaways I wanted to share. Cash forecasting: one size doesn’t fit all. One member shared the conclusion reached after six months of benchmarking to find an appropriate third-party vendor to improve cash forecasting, that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. The approach has to be tailored to each…
September 21, 2020

Risk Managers Face an Inflection Point Without a Clear Direction

Key takeaways from the FX Managers’ Peer Group 2 2020 H2 Meeting, sponsored by Societe Generale.   By Joseph Neu  NeuGroup’s second-half meeting season got off to a great start with the FX Managers’ Peer Group 2 last week. Here are some key takeaways:We are at an inflection point, but to what? It feels like we are at an inflection point that requires MNCs to adjust their FX hedging. The reasons include the economic impact of Covid-19 on business, early crisis concerns about liquidity pushing out liabilities, unprecedented monetary intervention…
NeuGroup News
September 18, 2020

HSBC Sponsors AT30 with Aplomb

A big thank you to NeuGroup’s Assistant Treasurers’ Group of Thirty (AT30) members for being part of last week’s H2 opening week. There was a lot of great interaction and in-depth exchanges on some hugely topical issues. One exchange could have used a better undersea cable to Zoom the speaker from across the world, but he still brought his knowledge and perspective effectively over the line. Michael Roberts, David Liao, Jim Kelly, David Wagstaff and the entire HSBC Global Banking…
NeuGroup News
September 18, 2020

TIS Wins Family Feud at Global Cash and Banking Group Meeting

In our second meeting of H2 launch week, NeuGroup's Global Cash and Banking Group members discussed cash forecasting modeling, which is not one size fits all, and requires data to back-test a portfolio of algos to match your portfolio of cash flows to get the cash forecast right. If you work for a company that can't hack it, maybe find one that pays more and lets you work from home. Finally, we tied the solution of our sponsor TIS (Treasury…
NeuGroup News
September 17, 2020

Who Is On the SEK100 Note?

A big thanks to NeuGroup’s FX Managers’ Peer Group 2 members and Societe Generale for getting our H2 meeting season off to a great start. Anna Faustini, Christophe Downey and the entire SocGen team, we appreciate your support! Kudos to Anne Friberg for bringing us all together and making it so we never forget whose face is on the SEK100 note. In a the post-day one cocktail hour, we held a two-part quiz competition. The first part involved a scavenger…
Racial Justice and Equity Depicted
NeuGroup News
July 30, 2020

NeuGroup Brings Members Together to Support Black Communities via Finance and Treasury Actions

Following a Netflix webinar last week sharing their initiative to support and build Black communities, NeuGroup brought members together for a Virtual Interactive Session this week on Corporate Finance and Treasury Actions in Support of Racial Justice and Equity. We have heard considerable interest from member companies in building on their D&I, ESG (Social) and CSR initiatives to support Black stakeholders and Black communities more broadly. In reaction to this, we brought treasurers and other finance leads together virtually to:…
What Will Japanification of US and Europe Mean for Your Debt and FX?
NeuGroup News
July 22, 2020

Societe Generale Sparks Interest at NeuGroup VIS

In our second Virtual Interactive Session this week, Societe Generale sparked member interest in the state of fiscal and monetary policy in the wake of Covid-19 and how this will play out for rates and FX management. Albert Edwards, global strategist at Societe Generale, kicked things off with his not-the-House-view remarks on the Japanification of the US and its implications for deflation (he sees a rising risk of it for now) and the dollar (declining). Unprecedented Fed intervention directly into…
NeuGroup VIS with HighRadius on Navigating Volatility with Artificial Intelligence
NeuGroup News
July 21, 2020

Virtual Interactive Session with HighRadius Shows AI Cash Forecasting Path Through Crisis

In our latest members-only Virtual Interactive Session today, NeuGroup connected members of our Global Cash and Banking Group with select members from across the NeuGroup Network and HighRadius. The objective was to share and learn how to navigate volatility with artificial intelligence and improve both cash forecasting and automation during this crisis. What’s a Virtual Interactive Session? A virtual interactive session (VIS) is a distilled version of a NeuGroup meeting in a virtual format. It is one of the new…
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Cash & Working CapitalCOVID-19Technology
July 17, 2020

NeuGroup for Retail Treasury Pilot Series Wrap-Up

By Joseph Neu As part of our ongoing experimentation with new virtual formats, the NeuGroup for Retail Treasury pilot “meeting” was made into a series of Zoom sessions over the course of about six weeks, concluding this week. This group was launched in partnership with Starbucks Treasury on the member side and sponsored by U.S. Bank. Here are my key takeaways as a wrap up to the series: Covid-19 divides into haves and have-nots. Retail and other consumer-facing businesses, such as…