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December 22, 2023

A Season of Connections

🌟On behalf of NeuGroup, we wish all our members, sponsor partners, alumni and friends a happy holiday season 🎄and a new year 🥳 that connects you further.🤝When we are connected, we have a framework supporting us to help reach our full (and hidden) potential (h/t Adam Grant). At NeuGroup this year, we’ve seen the value of such a support framework revalidated, especially via our in-person exchanges with professionals who are peers, colleagues or problem solvers, connections new and old, who…
Leading an in-person meeting
NeuGroup News
August 13, 2022

There is No Substitute for In-Person Knowledge Exchange

Why in-person meetings increase the value of peer knowledge exchange and networking. The “new normal” is here, and with it the return to the tried-and-true value of in-person peer group meetings (with some new innovations). While virtual meetings are fantastic and will continue to have their place on our knowledge exchange platform, the in-person format continues to foster a much higher level of personal connections that are essential to sharing and learning with and from peers. With the rise in…
NeuGroup News
August 13, 2022

A New NeuGroup Meeting Experience

NeuGroup is working on new meeting locations and agenda formats to create a unique experience for in-person events, as we emerge from the pandemic. NeuGroup’s in-person meetings foster personal connections and trusted relationships that are essential to effective sharing and learning with peers at a time when such knowledge exchange is most critical. To further encourage attendance alongside this core value, we are changing up our meeting location and agenda formats for in-person events. This new approach builds on our…
Virtual Facilitation
NeuGroup News
June 7, 2021

NeuGroup Process Facilitators Needed for Expansion

Join our team! NeuGroup continues to expand with virtual interactive sessions to connect our member finance professionals across our network more often to exchange on more projects, problems and priority topics. Plus, we are reaching into new verticals supporting new strategic finance career paths and the Office of the CFO. Accordingly, NeuGroup is looking for someone (or more than one) with a good understanding of corporate finance who is passionate about facilitating meaningful connections between professionals, inspiring them to share…
Associate with a sales role at NeuGroup
NeuGroup News
June 3, 2021

Associate Your Sales Aspirations with a NeuGroup Sales Role

Building on our “virtual pivot” with the pandemic, we continue to grow opportunities to share and learn with members. These exchanges and opportunities for interaction will continue as we are able to return to in real life events. With every event, we have another opportunity to deliver on the value of NeuGroup as a platform to network, promote thought leadership, build awareness for new things, build solutions that bring the future forward and save everyone time through sharing and learning…
Event Experience
NeuGroup News
June 3, 2021

NeuGroup Looking for New Senior Events Manager

NeuGroup is looking for a special events manager to help us continue to grow and differentiate our meetings with finance professionals from the world’s top companies. Known for our quality of content, trust for engagement and interaction advantage that keeps members coming, we also want the event experience to prompt them to tell their peers about it. In our “virtual pivot” with the pandemic, we have increased the opportunities for our members to share and learn– to the point of becoming…
Oil & Gas Energy Transition
NeuGroup News
June 3, 2021

Societe Generale Americas Supports NeuGroup Oil & Gas Treasury and Energy Transition Pilot

New group explores how treasury will support the transition to net zero carbon energy. Last week, NeuGroup, launched, in partnership with Societe Generale Americas, an Oil & Gas Treasury and Energy Transition Pilot Group. The aim of the group is to help treasurers at upstream and midstream companies in the sector exchange knowledge on navigating and funding their transition to net zero carbon businesses. NeuGroup brings its unrivaled process of facilitating sharing and learning in these unprecedented times and Societe…
Chinese New Year of the Ox
NeuGroup News
February 12, 2021

Happy Neu Year of the Ox

Happy Chinese New Year to all who celebrate it. The Year of the Ox is fitting for our times as we are all working hard to make the most of this period of unprecedented change and disruption. We hope for everyone working to give your best that your work pays off this year! And remember it is not always the first one to finish who is the winner of the race.… Read Full Article
Nelson Hill Pinot Noir
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February 7, 2021

The Official Wine of NeuGroup “Tech20”

Nelson Hill Pinot has made several appearances now at the NeuGroup for Tech Treasurers (aka Tech20) meetings. The most recent was last November to kick off the “20 Years of Tech20” celebration (since the meeting was virtual, members got a pre-event shipment). A special label Nelson Hill is the label of Barbara Hill, who helped launch Tech20 in 2001 while the treasurer at Adobe. The idea for NeuGroup’s first peer group was born during a lunch she hosted in the…