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June 26, 2024

Freeing the Potential of Data: The Right People and Technology

HSBC dives into unleashing the power of data, emphasizing the need for the right tools and individuals who know how to use them. Corporate treasury teams are increasingly embracing data, but not everyone has the technology and analytic skills to draw insights from oceans of info. Some members are embracing the idea that it’s easier to teach finance to employees with tech expertise than teaching treasury teams high-level computer programming—a concept that drove a number of conversations at a recent…
May 5, 2022

A Strategic Approach to Managing Cash in a Rising Rate Environment

Seventy percent of respondents to a NeuGroup survey conducted in partnership with Clearwater Analytics, Going Out the Yield Curve: Benchmarking Investment Strategies, report they do not intend to extend duration. Key Findings. The accompanying white paper highlights our findings as well as practitioner input from three, follow-up focus groups. Here are the three main takeaways: Investible cash. Corporate investors expect their significant, strategic cash balances to remain steady or grow this year as they monitor current events and evolving market conditions.Extending duration. The most…
April 14, 2022

A New Approach for Corporates Reducing Carbon Footprints: Investing in Renewable Energy Private Equity Strategies

PE funds producing returns and carbon credits may attract corporates with business, suppliers and cash in China. Mounting pressure on corporates to achieve net-zero carbon emissions or carbon neutral targets is prompting more of them to consider investing in private equity (PE) strategies focused on renewable energy assets. The trend is in its early stages, and companies need to thoroughly vet impact fund managers and understand regional investment characteristics before taking the plunge. But it’s clear that treasury and finance…
Nelson Hill Pinot Noir
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February 7, 2021

The Official Wine of NeuGroup “Tech20”

Nelson Hill Pinot has made several appearances now at the NeuGroup for Tech Treasurers (aka Tech20) meetings. The most recent was last November to kick off the “20 Years of Tech20” celebration (since the meeting was virtual, members got a pre-event shipment). A special label Nelson Hill is the label of Barbara Hill, who helped launch Tech20 in 2001 while the treasurer at Adobe. The idea for NeuGroup’s first peer group was born during a lunch she hosted in the…
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November 12, 2020

Talking Shop: Making Interactive Dashboards With Power BI and SQL

Member 1: “I was encouraged to hear that others are using SQL (structured query language) + Power BI tools to automate reporting and develop interactive dashboards. We have been on a journey the last three years to do the same and would welcome a breakout discussion on best practices and forward looking vision for using these tools.”Member 2: “I’d be more than happy to share what we’ve developed and are working on! SQL is a great way to start in BI;…
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September 3, 2020

Corporate Pension Fund Managers Break Down the Difficulties and Benefits of Rebalancing Their Portfolios in Virtual Interactive Session

At a recent NeuGroup for Pension and Benefits VIS sponsored by BNY Mellon/Insight Investment, members discussed the ups and downs of management over the last few months. Members have experienced many layers of challenges due to the economic and market impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic, and those with pension plans were not immune. Moreover, the pension investment portfolios did not behave as anticipated in this crisis, making rebalancing even more of an issue than normal. Moderators from NeuGroup and Insight…
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May 24, 2020

BNY Mellon and Insight Investment Deliver for Pension Investment Group

Thanks to BNY Mellon and Insight Investment for sponsoring the NeuGroup for Pension and Benefits 2020 H1 Meeting. Your insight plus all that was shared and learned by our members was enlightening. Thanks to all who participated!  Adam Tessler and Jeremy King, we appreciate your support along with that of both your teams. Abdallah Nauphal, I'm looking forward to the next regnum.  Scott Flieger and Roger Heine, kudos for pulling everyone together.
Vesper Cocktail
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May 12, 2020

RBC Capital Zooms in for Tech20 Treasurers’ Meeting Cocktails and Content

We had record turnouts last week at both the NeuGroup Tech20 Treasurers' Peer Group mid-year Zoom meeting AND the pre-meeting Zoom cocktail mixer. A big thank you to members who contributed content and community to make them special. Tony Glasby deserves a big shout out.  RBC Capital Markets participated brilliantly in the virtual format for both and we appreciate your sponsorship and insight. Michael Carter, Larry Grafstein, Steve Feinstein, Nick Heslip and the rest of the team, thank you!  Anne Friberg led the proceedings wonderfully as usual, tack! #connectwithneugroup #neugrouptech20
Long-Term Purpose
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May 12, 2020

BlackRock Wows Members at TIMPG 2020 H1 Meeting

NeuGroup had another big week of meetings last week, none bigger than the Treasury Investment Managers' Peer Group meeting sponsored by BlackRock. BlackRock pulled in Larry Fink, Rick Rieder and Tom Donilon to anchor three keynote sessions, plus three leaders from the cash and short duration team. Treasurers and Assistant Treasurers from across the NeuGroup network were invited to join for the VIP sessions as well. A big thank you to all of them and to Diane Parish and Paul Kline for pulling their colleagues…
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April 21, 2020

A Closer Look: ESG Ratings, KPIs and Second-Party Opinions

Sustainalytics discusses ESG trends, ratings and aligning internal KPIs with established principles. Treasurers exploring the rapidly expanding land of environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria quickly encounter Sustainalytics, a well-established provider of ESG ratings to institutional investors and so-called second-party opinions used by issuers of green bonds to give confidence to investors that bond proceeds will finance environmental or social projects. At a recent NeuGroup virtual meeting, representatives from Sustainalytics described the company’s ratings and methodology, answered questions from members…