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Talking Shop: Making Interactive Dashboards With Power BI and SQL

By November 12, 2020No Comments

Member 1: “I was encouraged to hear that others are using SQL (structured query language) + Power BI tools to automate reporting and develop interactive dashboards. We have been on a journey the last three years to do the same and would welcome a breakout discussion on best practices and forward looking vision for using these tools.”

Member 2: “I’d be more than happy to share what we’ve developed and are working on! SQL is a great way to start in BI; it’s easy to see how your code manipulates data.

  • “Basically what we do is develop data warehouses (SQL) that we get data into, then distribute and manage access to that data in the Power BI workspace. If anyone is interested in learning how to make dashboards in Power BI, SQLBI is widely considered to be the best there is.
  • “Going forward, I have a lot of interest in using APIs more often. Large banks typically have their own developer portals, so you can basically build your own reports out of their systems, which you could integrate and distribute to users in the Power BI workspace. I believe this is best practice.
  • “I’m trying to connect with developers to learn how to navigate developer portals. I imagine that using them would reduce bank portal administration tasks significantly, which would be a huge time-saver.
  • “There’s tons of resources out there and I hope I can help anyone that wants to push themselves in that direction.”
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