March 16, 2023

Advancing Analytics: FX is Embracing AI and ML

Rising pressure to protect earnings from currency volatility is prompting FX risk managers to pursue more advanced analytics.Sixty-nine percent: That’s the percentage of participants in a recent NeuGroup for Foreign Exchange monthly session who are already using or are exploring the adoption of advanced analytics solutions. Their reasons include improving the quality of the FX exposure forecast, conducting scenario planning and having a more refined capability to measure hedge program performance in terms of volume, effectiveness and cost. A sweeping trend. The pursuit…
March 2, 2023

Lowering the Volume on FX Noise in the P&L

Higher interest rates and economic uncertainty have treasuries taking a long look at FX risk management programs. Recent signs of economic strength and enduring inflation have raised the specter of more interest rate hikes. This does not come as a surprise to NeuGroup members: In the Treasurers’ 2023 Agenda Survey, they ranked political and financial volatility as second and third on their list of risks for this year. That’s up from fourth and fifth place in 2022. Increased scrutiny. While economic and…
January 12, 2023

Seeing Is Believing: Micron Collaborates With Procurement To Cut Costs

Treasury at Micron is partnering with the procurement team to mitigate financial risk from supplier contracts. The US dollar and commodity price strength have provided treasury an opportunity to demonstrate its capability to accurately mitigate a company’s financial risk exposure. They have also increased awareness about the consequences of commodity and FX fluctuations at the business-unit level. Micron Technology, a semiconductor company with global operations and heavy manufacturing in APAC, is US-dollar functional across its enterprise. Therefore, procuring tools and…
FXTalking Shop
January 5, 2023

Talking Shop: Comparing FX Trading Setups

Editor’s note: NeuGroup’s online communities provide members a forum to pose questions and give answers. Talking Shop shares valuable insights from these exchanges, anonymously. Send us your responses:  [email protected] Member question: “We have started a big FX global project and we would like to discuss other setups where you leverage FXall as a trading platform with full integration to a TMS and payments solution and with a global footprint for trading. “Does anyone have a FX trading desk and systems setup similar…
FXTalking Shop
December 1, 2022

Talking Shop: Acquisitions in a Foreign Currency

Editor’s note: NeuGroup’s online communities provide members a forum to pose questions and give answers. Talking Shop shares valuable insights from these exchanges, anonymously. Send us your responses: [email protected] Member question: “How do you go about making international transactions for acquiring companies traded on an international market with shares in the local currency? “If, for example, the price is $50M USD but you have to purchase shares in GBP or EUR: “Would you do a big one-time trade ($50M USD to…
November 7, 2022

The Science of FX Exposure Management

FX volatility and economic uncertainty are putting pressure on treasury to optimize risk management programs and provide management and the business with insight and foresight on how currency moves can impact revenue and the P&L. FX risk managers are under the microscope. “For the last six months, there’s been more intense attention on what my team is doing than for the past five years,” said a member of NeuGroup for Foreign Exchange. He is not alone. The US dollar’s ascent,…
October 27, 2022

FX Dashboards: Essential Tool to Manage the Volatility Narrative

Real-time dashboards help treasury risk managers tell the FX story, but collecting front-end data remains a challenge. Extreme volatility in foreign exchange markets has underscored the importance of technology tools, systems and solutions that enable companies to better monitor and manage their FX exposures. And for multinationals with far-flung operations, nothing beats a real-time dashboard to keep on top of the FX narrative, experts at Chatham Financial said at a recent NeuGroup for Mega-Cap Assistant Treasurers meeting. The key for companies with…
October 13, 2022

Macros on Steroids: How FX Teams Use Everyday Automations

Many FX risk managers are working to get out of Excel and automate more processes. “When it comes to treasury and finance upscaling, aside from the big TMS systems, who is using what?” That question from an FX risk manager sparked discussion at the second-half meeting of NeuGroup for Foreign Exchange 2, sponsored by Societe Generale, as members shared a variety of approaches ranging from tapping a team of dedicated treasury engineers to using less sophisticated, more user-friendly tools. And the trend was…
September 30, 2022

To Hedge or Not to Hedge FX Exposures When Volatility Spikes

Pausing a hedging program risks undermining the perceived value of hedging by senior executives and the board. “Should we stop hedging?” The surge in the US dollar this year against other major currencies has prompted some FX risk management teams to ask that question as well as others about hedging strategy amid disruptive volatility, bankers at Wells Fargo said at a fall meeting for NeuGroup for Foreign Exchange sponsored by the bank. The questions come amid a big jump in…
FXSenior Executive
September 20, 2022

Answering the CFO’s Call

A soaring dollar is threatening earnings; get ready for more CFO questions. The dollar’s ascent is causing a lot of heartburn for CFOs and boards. A stronger greenback reduces the value of FX-denominated income. For many US companies, foreign income comprises a large chunk of total revenue; thus, the hit to earnings can be substantial. In recent NeuGroup peer group sessions, the topic of containing the impact of a stronger dollar on financial results has been prevalent and reached far…