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    Meet NeuGroup Membership Types


    NeuGroup encourages you to get your team involved in our memberships so they also can develop their full potential along with sharing and gaining new insights.


    Find Your Group

    This is a single membership that allows you to be a part of one peer group. You will be invited to select virtual interaction sessions & working groups as part of your single membership depending on your role, knowledge or interest in the topic discussed. You must be willing to share your knowledge to benefit from the discussions.


    Find Your Network

    This membership gives you and your team the chance to join any peer group or working group you’re eligible for. You get the value of NeuGroup across your team from the exchanges and learnings on projects you have in common with those you connect with.

    Inspire, Share & Learn With Us


    NeuGroup offers a unique platform where corporates can connect, virtually and in person, to create ongoing relationships. The series of virtual meetings give you multiple opportunities to show up and deliver. These meetings make it easier to bring more people face-to-face with members. With 25 peer groups, 5 working groups, and 500 meeting opportunities, NeuGroup gives you the chance to share how you’re learning and which aspects you can go faster in.

    Interim Sessions

    These sessions act as a regular check-in to discuss current priorities, roadblocks, and insights with peer group members and partnered companies.

    Semi-Annual Meetings

    These sessions are meant to strengthen relationships with personal interaction through sponsor-led education sessions and member-only sessions for sharing best practices.

    Virtual Interactive Sessions

    Members meet to discuss solutions, shared problems, and learn about customer/prospect challenges, which end in breakout sessions for shared thoughts.

    What Our Members Are Saying

    "We're interested in hearing how other professionals in the same discipline address the same problems we have. ..by sharing that information and doing so in a comradery type of way, you get a value that is multiple times the input that you provide. If you can consider joining such an organization, it's probably one of your better decisions.
    James Haddad

    Cadence Design Systems, Inc. | Corporate Vice President Finance and Treasurers

    "...it's a very collegiate group where we trust each other immensely and there is never a meeting that I leave without picking up at least two or three nuggets of really crucial information for me and how I operate and run my business.
    Joachim Wettermark

    Salesforce | Executive Vice President, Treasury & Finance Operations

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    A Diverse Network of Elite Professionals in Your Reach

    NeuGroup is here to help serve and guide you into making useful connections that will last a lifetime throughout your professional career.

    Our memberships are for, but not limited to, a variety of professionals. This includes finance leaders interested in networking, veterans looking to mentor, leaders who need peer insight, young professionals wanting support, and any professional across the board looking for new connections.

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