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Neugroup Connects FP&A Heads in First-of-Its-Kind Meeting

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In pilot meeting for our newest group, leaders of financial planning and analysis teams shared and learned in the NeuGroup Process. 

Last week’s pilot meeting of NeuGroup for FP&A Heads was a first in two ways: in addition to being first meeting of the group, it was one of our first ever meetings with two sponsors, OneStream on the first day and Jedox for the second.  

  • Though many NeuGroups focus on separate aspects of corporate treasury, NeuGroup for FP&A Heads joins those like our ERM and internal audit groups, expanding the reach of those who can benefit from the NeuGroup Process. 
  • NeuGroup’s Brian Kalish, one of the peer group leaders who led the meeting, described it as “the greatest FP&A group in the history of the world.” Over 25 FP&A heads from companies across industries had the opportunity to meet, share their strategies and learn from others. 

Full stream ahead. The first day of meetings, sponsored by OneStream, saw members discuss the use of AI and automation, and how the pandemic has changed cash flow forecasting in a number of ways. 

  • But for most of the morning, members got to know each other in an extended introduction session, with attendees sharing their roles, their background and answering a key question: What would YOU do if you had unlimited resources? 
  • One of the more memorable answers: retire. 
  • John O’Rourke, VP of product marketing and communications at OneStream, had the opportunity to walked through how its unified platform can streamline the process of turning pure data into useful information. 
  • The meeting was also unique in its use of Zoom’s chat function, which saw nearly 50 messages sent—just in the first day. 

The Jedox is on the runway. On the second day, Jedox got a chance to share how FP&A’s mindset can spread across a company’s business function with its unique data analytic tools. 

  • In the session, entitled “Digital Transformation- The Key to a Journey from FP&A to xP&A,” Dr. Liran Edelist, the president of Jedox Americas, discussed the new term xP&A. Dr. Edelist sparked a conversation among members about the link between xP&A and digital transformation. 
  • Speed Networking, now a trademark NeuGroup session building on the member-favorite project and priorities, followed the session. For 30 minutes, members got to take part in rapid-fire, free-format one-on-one conversations. 
  • Even the lunchbreak was content-packed, with member-requested breakout topics on rolling forecasts, critical skills and automation. 

Contact us to learn more about joining NeuGroup’s new group for FP&A heads—or any other.

  • Keep up with any upcoming NeuGroup meeting or VIS by visiting our events page, and stay tuned to NeuGroup Insights to read about their key takeaways.

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