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NeuGroup Focus Groups Gain Traction with FinLync

By May 3, 2021May 13th, 2021No Comments

To deliver the best experience for members and sponsors, NeuGroup is piloting focus groups with a series on FinLync.

Tomorrow, NeuGroup will host the third of its invitation-only focus group sessions discussing FinLync, a fintech that provides total data integration via ERP-native apps that utilize the real-time power of APIs. These are the first-ever NeuGroup meetings with a focus group format, a new innovation that delivers the best experience to all members and sponsors.

After initial meetings on April 7 and April 14 for senior treasury professionals and IT-focused treasury practitioners, this session will bring in colleagues in financial operations, shared services or treasury operations dealing with commercial as well as treasury payments and receipts to look at AP and AR use cases of the FinLync platform.

Following the format of the previous focus groups, members will share and learn about why this is the right time for solutions like FinLync for anyone thinking about bank APIs for real-time connectivity and applications with native integration to your ERP for real-time treasury and financial operations. This 90-minute session will also split the time with FinLync representatives and closed exchange between NeuGroup members.

  • These focus group sessions also wrap up with member conclusions and the opportunity to provide advice to the sponsor from their own perspective. NeuGroup is a symbiotic ecosystem, with each part enhancing one another.

The NeuGroup Fintech Solution Series is a part of NeuGroup’s commitment to keep our members updated on technological innovations relevant to treasury and wider corporate finance functions, including treasury, payments, forecasting, risk, data, process automation, AI and financing solutions.

  • This series connects these individual sessions under one initiative of common purpose and seeks to ensure the missing ingredient in many digital solutions is found: By connecting the technology with the right domain knowledge to solve the real problems that others may not see.
  • Each of the solutions in our Fintech series has been recommended and the potential of the solution validated by NeuGroup members.

For more information on upcoming NeuGroup events, visit our events page.

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