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NeuGroup for High Potentials Validates Next Gen Leaders’ ESG Focus

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Members share and learn their ESG and D&I experiences, showing a proclivity for the subject.  

As social justice and environmental issues dominate headlines across the world with increasing frequency, many businesses have altered their strategies to embrace the movement toward a longer-term and more selfless approach. 

  • NeuGroup members found that one of the factors driving the recent acceleration of these initiatives is the higher priority the Millennial and Gen Z generations place on these issues.
  • NeuGroup for High Potentials (HiPo), comprised of our member companies’ most promising treasury professionals (typically those just below the level that typically participate in the core NeuGroup Peer Groups), recently met to share their experiences and strategies. For many of them, they found there is an advantage to being a part of the younger generation pushing for these changes. 

High potential, high ceilings. “What was once just known as philanthropy is now a financial duty,” one member said, a trend that other members at the meeting said ring true at their companies as well. 

  • These members described an almost endless list of considerations that their companies face concerning ESG, including: 
  • Green bonds 
  • External stakeholder ESG rating systems 
  • Internal sustainability metrics 
  • Emerging new corporate functions 
  • Evaluation of ESG returns 
  • Using more diverse firms for deposits and as brokers 
  • Impact funds 
  • Hiring practices 

NeuGroup’s impact. Discussions that touch on, and eventually divert into ESG—which includes Diversity and Inclusion—are almost inescapable across the 25 peer groups facilitated by NeuGroup. NeuGroup has hosted more than two dozen separate sessions over the last year or so on various ESG topics in multiple venues across the company. 

  • The confluence of attention to these issues rising across the globe and this generation’s ascension in the workplace and as a more powerful consumers has had a significant impact on businesses—and not everyone seems to have been ready for it. 
  • As members share their separate struggles and glean information from other members’ solutions, they leave meetings well-equipped to face the next step. 

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