Peer-to-Peer Strategic Benchmarking


NeuGroup Peer Research is a unique platform designed to enable members to efficiently and effectively exchange best practices within their peer group or across our extensive network of strategic finance professionals.


Our Research leverages the premier knowledge exchange platform of over 750 peer group members from more than 250 global corporations. We also partner with service providers to develop surveys that support their ability to deliver better solutions.

The Biggest Hurdles to Cash Forecasting

NeuGroup Latest Research Highlight

Visibility of predictability of future cash flows

Internal coordination or integration with P&L forecast and business drivers

Access to data

Lack of sufficient resources, including staff and system

Ability to categorize cash transactions

Ability to measure cash conversion or similar metrics (e.g. DSO, DPO)

Source: NeuGroup Peer Research 2022

Building a Narrative

The Neugroup Process

Unlike traditional research, we combine quantitative data with qualitive information. Data collection is followed by focus groups and one-on-one interviews with respondents to go beyond the numbers and validate results via practitioner experience. We leverage quantitative and qualitative findings to build survey results presentations, whitepapers, and deliver research “debrief” sessions to share-back and provide our members with critical information.

Finance technology infrastructure and integration

Finance as a business partner

Working capital management

The end-to-end customer-to-cash process

Finance operational/organizational model

Cash management practices

Bank account and banking relationship management

Financial risk management

Meet our research leadership

Joseph Bertran

Senior Director, Research

Joseph Bertran joined NeuGroup in March 2024 as Senior Director of Research. He has extensive experience in research, data analysis, and consulting in technology, digital transformation and automation of finance operations. Read more

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