Peer Research

Who Else Is Doing This?

NeuGroup Peer Research identifies the projects that you and your peers are working to help us CONNECT you with them for knowledge EXCHANGE.

Our research also can provide you with answers when your someone asks “who else is doing this?” or “how are others doing this?” It can help to validate your course of action when you can identify other NeuGroup members

  • Who have done it before; or
  • Who are considering doing the same.

Peer Research helps connect you with professionals to get a full narrative of what they did or consensus on what to do.

NeuGroup Peer Research also surveys leading corporate finance professionals to provide you with data to benchmark against.

We also DISTILL Peer Research into NeuGroup Insights to guide our members’ success.

Treasury Transformation Projects – Focus

If you recently completed or are currently involved in a treasury transformation project, what components of treasury have you focused on?

Treasury Systems Infrastructure


Banking Infrastructure & Cash Management


Organizational Structure


Treasury Workflows & Processes


Financial Risk Management


Governance & Strategy Policies


Financial Risk Management


Source: NeuGroup Peer Research, 2017 H2 (tMega, T30 LC, T30, Tech20, AT30, ATLG)

NeuGroup Peer Research leverages the premier knowledge exchange platform of over 500 peer group members from more than 200 global corporations to give greater insight on the issues and challenges facing treasury and finance professionals. NeuGroup Peer Research also provides banks and service providers better market research to deliver solutions, along with timely reports to non-members.

For the 18 years NeuGroup has been leading peer groups, we have surveyed members on topics of interest to them to provide peer-driven data and benchmarks. NeuGroup Peer Research collates, analyzes and interprets member surveys, combines with respondent narratives, and prepares reports and data to share with all members. This type of knowledge exchange is a hallmark of NeuGroup process and serves as a valuable tool for the membership, solution providers, or those who are looking for answers from leading practitioners.