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Perfect Fit: NeuGroup Members Connect with Chatham to show Assistant Treasurer Leadership

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Members Share and Learn on Common High-Priority Issues in Perfect-Fit Meeting Agenda.

At the start of last week’s meeting of NeuGroup’s Assistant Treasurers’ Leadership Group, members began by sharing their current highest priority projects with one another to see where everyone stands. And thanks to the member-led planning team, the many common threads that emerged among this conversation each had their own session in the meeting agenda, allowing time for members to share and learn in the NeuGroup Process.

  • The meeting saw NeuGroup partner again with sponsor Chatham Financial, who helped drive the agenda and facilitate conversation, integrating perspectives from NeuGroup members alongside their subject matter expertise.
  • The topics that members had in common ranged from timely issues like adjusting to the work from home environment and diversity & inclusion initiatives, as well as their treasury teams’ focuses like risk management and the state of the revolving credit market.

An agenda that fits like a glove. After the initial Projects and Priorities discussion, NeuGroup meeting facilitator Ed Scott described the subsequent agenda as a “perfect fit,” suited to nearly every topic they mentioned.

  • A NeuGroup member from outside this group with success in the ESG space came in for a session to share their approach on the topic of increasing focus, helping to answer questions like:
    • How can members employ diversity and minority firms on treasury-related transactions such as debt underwritings, share repurchase programs, commercial paper programs, and asset management?
    • How can members evaluate the credentials of these firms during the selection process?
    • How can members measure success?
  • A US Regional bank also joined the meeting for a session to provide an important update on the revolving credit market.

Sessions facilitated and enhanced by Chatham Financial. Chatham chose not to host any Chatham-only presentations in the meeting, instead reaching out and involving members to instigate participation and conversation.

  • Chatham Financial’s Amol Dhargalkar led a session with a member on the resurgence of forward hedging, as the member shared his experiences related to product selection, basis risk, credit and relationship considerations with banking counterparties, and the inherent uncertainty related to underlying debt structure and timing. 
  • As part of day two of the meeting, Chatham Financial’s Amanda Breslin a led a discussion on risk management policies between four members that also received several positive comments from members.
  • As always, members had only positive reactions to Chatham’s contribution to the meetings, saying they offered a “helping hand,” and that their representatives “exude sincerity.”

A great thanks to all the participants who shared and learned at this meeting last week, and a big thank you as well to Chatham Financial for continuing to be a supportive partner of NeuGroup and our members. For more on this meeting, stay tuned to NeuGroup Insights

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