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TIS Wins Family Feud at Global Cash and Banking Group Meeting

By September 18, 2020October 9th, 2020No Comments

In our second meeting of H2 launch week, NeuGroup’s Global Cash and Banking Group members discussed cash forecasting modeling, which is not one size fits all, and requires data to back-test a portfolio of algos to match your portfolio of cash flows to get the cash forecast right. If you work for a company that can’t hack it, maybe find one that pays more and lets you work from home.

Finally, we tied the solution of our sponsor TIS (Treasury Intelligence Solutions) to the current transformation happening at global transaction banks to incorporate payments of all types, but especially digital forms, into treasury and trade payment solutions, including global enterprise-grade merchant services.

Oh, and in a Family Feud match to end day one, TIS was the winner (they had participants on multiple teams).

Thanks to Joerg Wiemer, Jon Paquette, Markus Holzmüller and the entire TIS team for your continued partnership. Julie Zawacki-Lucci, kudos for bringing everyone together.

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