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Understanding Cryptocurrency: NeuGroup Teams with B2C2 to Connect and Learn

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A successful event brings members together with experts to tackle a topic of curiosity and confusion. 

NeuGroup recently hosted a virtual interactive session to explore corporate use cases for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and digital assets, and how they might affect traditional accounting. 

The event was sponsored by premier liquidity provider, B2C2, and brought together digital asset industry leaders with treasurers of some of the largest corporations in the NeuGroup Network. 

  • In a pre-meeting poll, members expressed interest in a number of use cases for cryptocurrency, including as a form payment and investment, though less than 30% said they had experience with cryptocurrencies. 

Power panel. The event enabled members to get familiar with the crypto market and begin to understand how digital assets might fit into their current business. 

  • Rob Catalanello, president and CEO of B2C2 USA, kicked off the event by addressing members’ desire to know more. “There is a pretty big groundswell of interest from the institutional world, and by that I mean the very well-known names, who are looking into it for a variety of reasons,” he said. 
  • Mr. Catalanello was joined by a panel of fellow industry experts: 
    • Brian Kelly, founder and CEO of BKCM, a digital currency investment firm.
    • Jerald David, president of cryptocurrency investment management firm Arca Capital Management and Arca Labs.
    • Jared Hodgson, treasury manager for Coinsquare, a digital asset trading platform. 
  • Mr.  Kelly gave a brief overview of the crypto market, followed by Mr. David, who expanded on some of the treasury management implications and themes. 

Knowledge through discussion. Of course, there are many questions and concerns that come along with this potential new financial system. After a brief Q&A, the audience split into breakout rooms to discuss these questions and relevant topics in more detail. 

  • In a post-meeting blog, B2C2 called the event “an informative and engaging way for corporations to get a taste of what it might be like to start including digital assets on their balance sheets.” 

What role do you think cryptocurrency will play in day-to-day treasury activity? Inquire about membership to share and learn on this and other topics.

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