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May 3, 2021

NeuGroup Focus Groups Gain Traction with FinLync

To deliver the best experience for members and sponsors, NeuGroup is piloting focus groups with a series on FinLync. Tomorrow, NeuGroup will host the third of its invitation-only focus group sessions discussing FinLync, a fintech that provides provide total data integration via ERP-native apps that utilize the real-time power of APIs. These are the first-ever NeuGroup meetings with a focus group format, a new innovation that delivers the best experience to all members and sponsors.
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April 9, 2021

NeuGroup Continues To Innovate and Refine Virtual Meetings

With 2021’s first-half meeting cycle underway, a message from NeuGroup founder and CEO Joseph Neu.  As we pass the one-year mark of pandemic disruption in most parts of the NeuGroup member universe, we are upping the ante further on our program of opportunities for you to share and learn with other members.    In this cycle, we are rolling out a new events calendar on our website. It is meant to keep you abreast of all the new programming available at NeuGroup to help you navigate the unprecedented change of our times. It also serves as a program guide for prospective…
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April 1, 2021

NeuGroup Spotlight: Taking Flight with WiNG, Women in NeuGroup

With Women’s History Month just drawn to a close, NeuGroup spotlights one of its most important, most unique groups. In late 2018, after years of servicing a broad (but majority male) membership of corporate finance and treasury professionals, NeuGroup created an initiative for the growing—now roughly 30% of our membership—but not specifically served minority of the NeuGroup community: women.
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March 26, 2021

A Year Into WFH, a Look Back at Neugroup’s Virtual Transition

NeuGroup staff pulled off a difficult feat last spring to continue connecting finance professionals in a crucial period. When the Covid-19 pandemic first swept across the globe late last winter, everyone felt the impact. As a company based almost entirely on in-person interaction at that point, NeuGroup may have been among the hardest hit. “None of us had ever used Zoom before, we didn't even have it downloaded,” said Clelia Milan, NeuGroup’s senior event manager, who helped assist the overall…
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February 26, 2021

Neugroup Celebrates Black History Month With Meetings About Making a Difference

This February, NeuGroup held a series of meetings focused on promoting diversity & inclusion. Supporting minority communities and having a real impact while fulfilling treasury’s many roles within a company is a challenge that many corporates are now confronting. As a part of NeuGroup’s celebration of Black History Month, a number of our various peer groups and working groups hosted conversations and presentations in the last few weeks on how members can make a difference.