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March 21, 2024

Joseph Bertran Joins NeuGroup as Senior Director of Research

NeuGroup is thrilled to welcome Joseph Bertran as Senior Director of Research. Drawing on more than 16 years in research, data analytics and consulting, Joseph will be responsible for leading and executing NeuGroup Peer Research projects grounded in survey data and analysis flowing from a network of more than 800 peer group members at more than 250 global corporations.NeuGroup‚Äôs research results, presentation decks and white papers allow finance professionals to benchmark against each other, share best practices and turn validated…
Christmas Lights at Sak's Fifth Avenue in New York City
NeuGroup News
December 22, 2023

A Season of Connections

ūüĆüOn behalf of NeuGroup, we wish all our members, sponsor partners, alumni and friends a happy holiday season ūüéĄand a new year ūü•≥ that connects you further.ūü§ĚWhen we are connected, we have a framework supporting us to help reach our full (and hidden) potential (h/t Adam Grant). At NeuGroup this year, we‚Äôve seen the value of such a support framework revalidated, especially via our in-person exchanges with professionals who are peers, colleagues or problem solvers, connections new and old, who…