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Beyond the Screen: The Power of NeuGroup Face-to-Face Meetings

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NeuGroup in-person Peer Group Meetings continue to be the linchpin of our member communities and continue to create the most valuable form of member interaction.

What makes an in-person NeuGroup meeting so impactful is the ability it gives each attendee to establish genuine member connections, build trust, exchange useful insights, and create stronger relationships with industry peers.

Our in-person meetings provide a platform for immediate feedback and clarification whether from members or sponsors. As spontaneous discussions kick off and members share their projects and priorities, they are constantly brainstorming with one another, fostering innovation and problem-solving together. 

Here’s what some of our members and sponsors are saying about in-person Peer Group Meetings with NeuGroup:

  • It was a great opportunity to interact with peers and benchmarking. The topics of the meeting were very relevant, excellent speakers and very good experiences with different companies.” – Latin America Treasury Member
  • “The content was fantastic and the conversations among peers were invaluable. As a new Treasurer, having access to peers who are willing to share and be genuinely helpful is just fantastic.” –  Life Sciences Treasurers Member
  • “I loved the opportunities to spend time with clients and prospects in a social setting – the dinner, the mixology, and the walk.” Retail Treasurers Sponsor (CNote and Seelaus)
  • “I always enjoy NeuGroup events. I love the content and I think they are a great way for me to form relationships with prospects at companies that I am targeting on a daily basis” – Mega Cap Assistant Treasurers Sponsor (C2FO)
  • “I enjoyed the opportunity to connect with clients and prospects while presenting our expertise..”  Capital Markets Sponsor (Chatham Financial)
  • “In person for me was a major factor. There were significant value-added conversations, connections, and insights with other members that virtual is not able to provide.” Foreign Exchange Member

The personal touch and meaningful connections established in face-to-face meetings simply cannot be replicated online. Our flagship Peer Group Meetings are critical to harnessing NeuGroup’s value to members and sponsors alike.

To learn more about NeuGroup meetings, please inquire here. If you are a sponsor looking to partner with NeuGroup, head over to our sponsor page found here.


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