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Black History and the Future: Finance Teams Pushing for Change

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NeuGroup marks Black History Month by highlighting the efforts of members to make good on corporate DEI goals.

NeuGroup is celebrating Black History Month this year by highlighting ongoing initiatives by our members to promote diversity, equity and inclusion on their teams and at their companies. These efforts include supporting Black communities where those companies do business. And allocating more business, attention and time to Black-owned financial institutions as well as larger banks and brokerage firms creating opportunity for Black finance professionals.

  • NeuGroup is in a unique position to share real-world examples of these efforts—discussed by members at our meetings—in the hopes of validating their impact and inspiring others to follow.

Throughout February, we will bring you insights and interviews with Black finance professionals about their career journeys as well as how they are helping corporates make progress toward achieving DEI goals. We’ll also explore how treasurers at some companies are pushing aggressively to give diversity firms greater, more impactful roles in capital markets transactions.

  • In that same spirit of pushing boundaries, going forward, we want to go beyond our Ripples into Waves initiative that includes our Diversity & Inclusion Working Group and pay more attention to the contributions of our Black members and the colleagues and partners who support them.
  • We will be looking for ways to join initiatives these members recommend that are aimed at promoting finance education, training and development, as well as providing more opportunities to exchange knowledge, network with peers and increase the ranks of Blacks and other minorities in finance.

Finally, since this month is meant to be both a celebration and a reminder that Black history is American history and Black culture is American culture, we believe it is also important to understand how both have contributed to American financial history and culture. Historical and cultural appreciation should inform all future initiatives and finance leaders.

  • In the month ahead, we at NeuGroup will be taking the time to learn more about these topics, again drawing on members for sources and knowledge that will help us distill into valuable insights what is working and what needs more attention to advance the values of DEI.

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