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C2FO Helps to Bring Lessons on Working Capital to NeuGroup Virtual Interactive Session

By September 3, 2020No Comments
Cash management

NeuGroup Members met to share and learn from their working capital management experiences dealing with the COVID-19 Pandemic.

NeuGroup continued its popular Virtual Interactive Sessions in August, kicked off by one on August 19 sponsored by C2FO. It brought treasurers together to discuss some of the key lessons on working capital management that the pandemic has revealed.

Jordan Novak, Senior Vice President of Market Innovation at C2FO, opened with remarks on COVID-19’s wide-reaching impact.

  • “It has impacted every single person on the planet,” he said, before starting the conversation off by asking how it specifically impacted members’ treasuries and their day-to-day activities.

Two members of NeuGroup’s Tech20 Treasurers’ Peer Group then shared the impact for their companies and treasury activities, with a particular focus on COVID-19’s disruption to working capital and cash generating activities vis-à-vis suppliers, distributors and sellers. 

What made this session special was that these two members were part of the same manufacturer, customer, distributor/seller ecosystem and it prompted other members in the session who were also part of that same ecosystem to share on how the actions of one impacted the other from a working capital perspective. The trusted NeuGroup environment and meaningful member connections helped make this interaction possible, even over Zoom.

Interactive poll questions in the meeting also allowed meeting participants share their specific experiences over the last few months, as well as more general questions like their thoughts on the possibility of negative interest rates within the US.

Look to NeuGroup Insights for key takeaways on the meeting’s discussion of the growing importance of data, cash conversion cycles, the Fed, China and more.

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