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May 26, 2022

Musical Chairs: Where Should ERM Sit To Create the Most Value?

Some corporates are positioning ERM teams to sit under internal audit or corporate strategy. Many enterprise risk management teams are at an inflection point as they aim to become strategic partners to the business. Some corporates are finding that ERM can add more value to the business by sitting within functions like corporate strategy or internal audit. At a recent meeting of NeuGroup for Enterprise Risk Management, two members who recently experienced a shift in reporting—one to internal audit and the other to…
Risk Management
May 12, 2022

Seeing Risks Before They Do Damage Isn’t Impossible

Members of NeuGroup’s corporate enterprise risk management group hear how they can divine unseen, emerging risks. The ancient stoics often practiced premeditatio malorum or the premeditation of evils, which was basically the art of expecting the worst. In a sense, this is how enterprise risk managers must go about their jobs today, particularly when the timeline of 100-year disruptive occurrences has been compressed to every four to five years. Social, geopolitical and environmental risks combined with the everyday risks of…
Risk Management
April 14, 2022

Better Questions, Better Data: Making Risk Tracking Strategic

ERM heads discuss shifting risk survey strategies to improve risk registers and add more value to the company.“Every day in the last two years, it feels like I’ve woken up to a new crisis.” That’s how the head of ERM at one multinational described the current risk environment at a recent meeting of NeuGroup for Enterprise Risk Management. Therefore, he added, even though it often feels like swimming upstream, keeping a comprehensive risk register that keeps track of and scores…
Enterprise Risk ManagementTreasury Management
September 30, 2021

Treading Carefully: Growing List of Risks Moves ERM to the Forefront

Treasury teams communicating with the board on financial risk need a common language. NeuGroup’s longstanding enterprise risk management (ERM) group has nearly doubled in size in less than a year, perhaps unsurprising given the relentless unfolding of political, environmental, health and financial risks worldwide, and global companies’ likely exposure to many of them. Assistant treasurers in a recent meeting compared the roles their treasury departments take within ERM and got insight from the head of ERM at a Fortune 500 technology…
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July 22, 2021

Talking Shop: Interviewing Management to Uncover Risks

Member question: “Has anyone, recently or in the past, conducted broad wide-scale open-ended (i.e., not scripted Q&A) risk interviews of top management and leaders as the primary means to collect risk-identification inputs? “I am looking to share thoughts and experiences regarding the effectiveness, as well as methods to summarize, quantify and present the key findings.“I have interviewed board members, executive staff, management VPs+, totaling in the range of 75-100 one-on-one discussions. I am seeking recommendations on the process.” Peer answer…