The NeuGroup Insights InterviewTreasury Management
April 3, 2024

A Treasurer Devoted to Balancing Service and Financial Strength

Sheila Quintus is a believer in service and treasury’s critical role in enabling Medtronic to fulfill its medical mission.Medtronic treasurer Sheila Quintus has a deeply-held belief in service that makes working at a medical device and technology company whose primary mission is to contribute meaningfully to human welfare a natural fit. She sees treasury’s purpose as connecting the fulfillment of Medtronic’s central mission with the need to deliver strong financial performance that will support growth. In a new NeuGroup video you can watch by…
Senior ExecutiveThe NeuGroup Insights InterviewTreasury Management
March 6, 2024

Former HP Treasurer Zac Nesper’s Joyful Passing of the Baton

Mr. Nesper’s total trust in Andrea Noseda’s abilities provided the confidence to leave a job and company he loved.After years of thinking about leaving a company and a job he loved to spend more time with his family, former HP Inc. treasurer Zac Nesper found the right internal person to succeed him: Andrea Noseda, a treasury novice back when he hired her for a capital markets role four years earlier (today she’s an expert). In a new NeuGroup video you can watch by hitting…
FP&ATechnologyTreasury Management
February 14, 2024

Sharpening Treasury’s Strategic Profile Means More Collaboration

Members share the rewards and obstacles of collaborations with FP&A, tech, tax and other functions.Top treasurers are growing into more strategic roles and playing a greater part in decision-making at companies where finance is valued as true partner of the business. The function’s broader profile means treasury teams need to collaborate effectively and frequently with a variety of other functions within the enterprise. Doing that well ultimately pays off, but isn’t always easy. In a recent session of NeuGroup for High Potentials, treasury…
Senior ExecutiveTreasury Management
January 31, 2024

Treasury Leadership Is Alive and Well in Texas

Insights from member meetups in Austin and Houston, distilled by NeuGroup’s founder and CEO.By Joseph Neu Treasury leadership is alive and well in Texas. That’s one big-picture takeaway from my trip to the state last week. I was there to talk with treasurers—and leadership was on my mind. Here are some themes that surfaced, divided into three sections:Why are you a treasurer? I asked that question at a salon dinner for members hosted by NeuGroup in Austin. In addition to “why,” the answers…
TechnologyThe NeuGroup Insights InterviewTreasury Management
January 24, 2024

A Citi Expert’s Mission: Help Treasury Leaders Reach New Heights

Citi’s Ron Chakravarti discusses the keys to treasury success on a new episode of the Strategic Finance Lab podcast.Few people in the world of banking know as much about how corporate treasury teams can raise their games and bring more value to companies than Ron Chakravarti, head of global treasury advisory at Citi Treasury and Trade Solutions. His insights are backed by the experience of advising hundreds of companies looking to improve their management of liquidity, working capital and risk. In…
Risk ManagementTreasury Management
January 17, 2024

Staying the Course: Treasury Teams Aren’t Planning Cuts in 2024

NeuGroup’s 2024 Agenda Survey shows most treasury teams plan to stay the same size as headwinds die down.Rising interest rates and rampant recession fears early last year had some treasurers feeling pressure to cut costs and reduce treasury headcount. But as those headwinds eased, NeuGroup’s 2024 Treasury and Finance Agenda Survey conducted in late 2023 shows most treasuries planned to stay the course and keep team size flat or even expand staffing in 2024 (see chart below). A majority of respondents to the survey…
Senior ExecutiveThe NeuGroup Insights InterviewTreasury Management
January 10, 2024

Unlocking Success: The Impact of Treasury Leadership

Citi global head of treasury advisory Ron Chakravarti on what separates the highest-performing corporate treasuries.A recent Citi GPS study, Treasury Leadership: Does It Matter?, reveals that corporations scoring high on measures of treasury sophistication and automation showed the highest earnings-to-revenue ratios. In other words, the answer to the question posed in the study’s title is resoundingly “yes” when financial performance is what matters most. In a NeuGroup video you can watch by hitting the play button below, Citi managing director Ron Chakravarti,…
TaxThe NeuGroup Insights InterviewTreasury Management
December 20, 2023

How a P&G Tax Whiz Quickly Got Comfortable Running Treasury Too

Tadd Fowler’s deep engagement in treasury activities, a masterful team and helpful peers got him up to speed. Tadd Fowler wears two big hats at Procter & Gamble, the world’s largest consumer goods company. He’s head of global tax operations—a natural fit for a former PwC tax partner—and also took on the treasurer role in 2021. In a Strategic Finance Lab podcast you can listen to on Apple and Spotify, he explains how an accountant steeped in the world of tax “got very comfortable very quickly”…
RegionalTreasury Management
December 7, 2023

Bangalore Bound: Pushing Processes to Centers of Excellence

Treasury at one company is migrating some processes to a COE in India, part of a larger transformation.The increasingly popular move among multinationals to establish a treasury center of excellence (COE) in a low-cost country or region is a multifaceted endeavor that for one NeuGroup member company included thoroughly assessing processes to determine which ones remain in corporate treasury or regional treasury centers, which go to a managed service provider (MSP) and which belong in the COE. Members of NeuGroup for…
TechnologyTreasury Management
October 11, 2023

Up the Learning Curve: How Coca-Cola Is Implementing ChatGPT

Coca-Cola’s internal model of ChatGPT has numerous use cases for treasury team members who learn to use the AI tool. Coca-Cola is one of several NeuGroup member companies that have partnered with OpenAI to create an internal version (also known as an instance or model) of ChatGPT that runs entirely on servers owned by the corporate. Within Coca-Cola treasury, senior director of emerging capabilities Rui (Ree) Yang is spearheading the effort to put the artificial intelligence tool to work by guiding employees to find…