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July 27, 2023

Gauging Strength and Progress: Treasury Performance Metrics

Regular monitoring and analysis of metrics can help identify areas of strength and weakness, and ensure efficiency. Treasury performance metrics are crucial for corporations as they provide a framework for assessing the efficiency and effectiveness of their treasury operations. They serve as a window into how well the treasury team is functioning in a variety of areas, from cash management to payments to foreign exchange. At a recent meeting of NeuGroup for Mid-Cap Treasurers, one member gave an updated presentation on…
BankingTreasury Management
May 25, 2023

Finding a Remedy for Bank Account Pain: Centers of Excellence

The benefits of one member’s journey to a center of excellence as it manages rapid growth in revenue and bank accounts. Across roughly a decade, one NeuGroup member company tripled its revenue, partly through heavy M&A activity. But the core, global corporate treasury team remained at about 40 people—loading some of them with extra work, very little of it being the strategic initiatives today’s modern finance orgs want to focus on. As acquisitions and bank accounts started to stack up, the…
TechnologyTreasury Management
May 18, 2023

Data Boot Camp and Beyond: Boosting Treasury’s Tech Skills

Treasurers must elevate their staff’s data and technology IQ—and figure out the best ways to do that.The flurry of finance automation initiatives is presenting new challenges for finance leaders. Traditional roles, in cash ops, FX and cash forecasting among others, are being reshaped as manual work is supplanted by automation. Be it a new TMS, a planning solution, cloud ERPs or AI, the tech and data skill requirements for finance professionals are expanding and not everyone is prepared. Automation abounds.…
Treasury Management
April 13, 2023

Back to Office Catalyst: Face Time To Boost Odds of Promotion

Leaders are trying subtle, mostly unspoken, ways of conveying that more time in the office is a path to advancement. Treasury and finance leaders at some companies with hybrid work policies are seeing progress enticing more team members to show up at the office by making it clear, if not saying it explicitly, that coming in and spending time with senior staff improves their chances for career advancement and promotions. A related talent takeaway from conversations at the fall meeting…
Treasury Management
March 23, 2023

Clearing a Path to Effective Change Management

Finance teams in the throes of change need leadership, resources and collaboration with HR to overcome obstacles. Recession fears are intensifying the pressure on finance and other G&A functions to cut costs. The result is often a reduction in headcount. To meet the challenge of doing more with less, treasury and finance organizations are looking for new ways to work more efficiently. At the spring meeting of NeuGroup for Mega-Cap Treasurers, one member reported that his group has already been asked…
RegionalTreasury Management
March 9, 2023

Reimagining the Regional Treasury Center’s Strategic Role

Post-pandemic thinking on the role of Asian regional treasury centers, often based in Singapore.By Joseph NeuI was excited to return to Singapore in February for the first time since 2019 to address NeuGroup for Asia Treasury, a group launched in 2011 to connect member companies to this vital region. While much has changed in a dozen years, Asia in 2023 remains crucial for MNC growth plans, so the group’s bridging mission remains more important than ever. When I met with members before…
TechnologyTreasury Management
January 26, 2023

Turbocharging Treasury Automation

Treasurers predict a sixfold surge in the adoption of AI-enabled analytics tools. Cash forecasts are notoriously unreliable, primarily because of limited visibility into current and forward-looking data. However, in a year when liquidity is going to come at a premium, treasury must develop a clearer understanding of where cash is today, and how much more is coming down the pipeline. Cognizant of this need, treasurers responding to NeuGroup’s 2023 Finance & Treasury Agenda Survey ranked improving analytics and modeling capabilities…
RegionalTreasury Management
January 19, 2023

Girding for Trouble Ahead: A 2023 Crisis Management Playbook

Treasury and finance teams can better prepare for potential disruption and crises by codifying past lessons. Over the last few years, treasuries have faced significant market and geopolitical shocks, including the onset of Covid, the war in Ukraine and extreme global financial market volatility. This year promises to be equally if not more challenging. Respondents to NeuGroup’s 2023 Treasurers’ Agenda Survey listed an economic downturn as their No. 1 risk this year. Financial market volatility was tied with political uncertainty for…
The NeuGroup Insights InterviewTreasury Management
December 21, 2022

Starting Treasury from Scratch: One Expert’s Not Secret Recipe

NVA treasurer Chris Ingoldsby shares insights grounded in his creation of the treasury function at two companies. Building a complete treasury team is a marathon, not a sprint. However, there’s real value in a new treasurer scoring some quick wins soon after joining a company. That’s according to Chris Ingoldsby, an ultramarathoner who created the treasury function at NVA, and previously built it from the ground up at Riverbed Technology. You’ll hear more insights from Mr. Ingoldsby about his approach to…
Capital MarketsCryptoTreasury Management
December 15, 2022

Posts, Podcasts and Video: The Best NeuGroup Content of 2022

A curated collection of favorite NeuGroup Insights posts, videos and Strategic Finance Lab podcasts. The NeuGroup Insights newsletter this week flashes back on some of our best content of 2022. That includes popular and topical articles—some based on proprietary NeuGroup Peer Research survey data—as well as videos and—new this year—podcasts (the Strategic Finance Lab, available on Apple and Spotify). To read the full email, please click here. The selections reflect the range of immediate challenges finance organizations faced in 2022—including tight labor markets, rising…