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A Treasurer Devoted to Balancing Service and Financial Strength

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Sheila Quintus is a believer in service and treasury’s critical role in enabling Medtronic to fulfill its medical mission.

Medtronic treasurer Sheila Quintus has a deeply-held belief in service that makes working at a medical device and technology company whose primary mission is to contribute meaningfully to human welfare a natural fit. She sees treasury’s purpose as connecting the fulfillment of Medtronic’s central mission with the need to deliver strong financial performance that will support growth.

  • In a new NeuGroup video you can watch by hitting the play button below, Ms. Quintus says that recent emphasis by executive leadership on prioritizing both mission and performance when making decisions and taking action plays directly to treasury’s strength. “That’s been a really great and subtle shift that really supports the treasury function,” she says.
  • “What I do and the rest of my team does is intersect with the business, allowing us to kind of repeat that mantra and make the connection,” she adds. “It’s the most important thing that treasury does.”

Ms. Quintus has nearly 25 years of experience at healthcare companies, having spent more than a decade at Merck before moving to Medtronic as assistant treasurer in 2010. In 2018, she took a leave of absence to devote time to her family and received the full support of the treasurer and the company. Medtronic named her treasurer in June 2023.

  • Ms. Quintus ties the support and opportunities she’s received at Medtronic to six tenets enshrined in its mission. These include the recognition of all employees’ personal worth (No. 5) and maintaining good citizenship as a company (No. 6). “That has really deepened my connection to the company,” she says in the video.
  • Born and raised in Minnesota, Ms. Quintus traces her personal belief in the value of service to her parents (her mother was an elementary school teacher, her father a physical therapist) and her Christian faith. Service and philanthropy, she says, “underlie my thinking and my actions.”
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