AtlasFX: Empowering FX Data Masters

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Scott Bilter, CFO of AtlasFX, discusses how the company’s platform helps corporates manage currency risk in an interview with NeuGroup founder and CEO Joseph Neu.

At a recent NeuGroup meeting, FX risk managers compared notes on which systems and technology they use to identify currency exposures and reduce risk. One member said that after weighing several options, his company picked AtlasFX, in part because its founders—Jonathan Tunney, Gavin O’Donoghue and Scott Bilter—impressed him with their subject matter expertise about FX hedging and the complex challenges it presents.

  • “When we talked with those guys, we just felt like they were absolute SMEs when it came to in-the-trenches trying to explain month-end results,” the member said. “There wasn’t a scenario where they said, ‘oh, we need to get back to you, we’re not quite sure what you’re describing or we’re not really 100% on the answer exactly.’ They just knew everything. In fact, they were correcting us. ‘Actually, not only do we know the answer, but this is what you’re doing wrong here, let us improve this for you.’ It was just a very good experience overall.”

In a video interview you can watch by clicking here or by hitting the play button below, Scott Bilter tells NeuGroup founder and CEO Joseph Neu that the three AtlasFX founders accumulated much of their deep knowledge of FX at Hewlett Packard. You’ll hear how part of that education involved wrestling with an “army of spreadsheets” including one called the “FX beast.” The good news for clients is that their experience helped plant seeds that have grown into a robust platform that uses advanced data analytics to help treasury, FP&A and accounting teams to optimize balance sheet and cash flow hedging programs.

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