Can You Save A Month a Year Automating FX Trades?

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360T says corporates can use the roughly four weeks saved by automating FX “nuisance trades” to spend time on more valuable analytical work.

The graphic above demonstrates some of the benefits of automating FX trades described by technology provider 360T at a recent interactive session for NeuGroup members called “Demystifying Automated Trading Across the Trade Lifecycle.”

  • The time savings accrue by eliminating the need to manually enter orders onto trading platforms, examine the pricing offered, choose among competing banks (and sometimes talking to them on the phone) and then deal with all the required back-office chores involved.
  • 360T’s presenters said that by automating the workflow trading process using rules-based trading execution technology that connects directly to a company’s treasury management system, users save time, achieve the best possible price—improving their spreads—and reduce operational risk caused by human errors.

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