COVID-19Treasury Management
October 21, 2021

Work in Progress: Finance Teams Strive to Make Hybrid Models Work

The gradual and partial return to offices in a hybrid work world presents challenges and some potential opportunities. The hybrid work model many corporates were leaning toward last spring as the vaccine rollout began and infection rates dropped appears to have solidified as companies confronted the curveball sent by the Delta Covid-19 variant. Some treasury team members are itching to return while others are lobbying to stay home; with staff turnover reaching all-time highs at some companies, it’s critical to find…
RegionalTreasury Management
October 18, 2021

Payoffs From ‘Preaching the Gospel of Global Treasury Operations’

Partnering with global business services (GBS) helped one treasury team boost cash visibility and achieve consistency.Companies expanding globally have often left regional affiliates with their own treasury back offices to support the local business, resulting in fragmentation of the treasury function and costly inefficiencies. That takes time away from corporate treasury that could be spent addressing more strategic issues.   “Preaching the gospel of global treasury operations,” the assistant treasurer (AT) of one NeuGroup member company said, required convincing local…
Enterprise Risk ManagementTreasury Management
September 30, 2021

Treading Carefully: Growing List of Risks Moves ERM to the Forefront

Treasury teams communicating with the board on financial risk need a common language. NeuGroup’s longstanding enterprise risk management (ERM) group has nearly doubled in size in less than a year, perhaps unsurprising given the relentless unfolding of political, environmental, health and financial risks worldwide, and global companies’ likely exposure to many of them. Assistant treasurers in a recent meeting compared the roles their treasury departments take within ERM and got insight from the head of ERM at a Fortune 500 technology…
August 24, 2021

NeuGroup for Mega-Cap Assistant Treasurers 2021 H2 Meeting

About this meeting Assistant Treasurers will gather for the H2 2021 meeting, which will be over two days, to discuss several front-of-mind topics including shared service centers, M&A-related integration, enterprise risk management, talent management, and returning to the office dynamics. The meeting will be sponsored by C2FO who will discuss how they have employed financial technology to help US companies optimize working capital management. This meeting is only open to members. About this Peer Group NeuGroup for Mega-Cap Assistant Treasurers…
June 28, 2021

Real Talk About Real Treasury Use Cases for DLT and Blockchain

About this meeting Steer clear of a technical, utopian, or crypto asset-driven focus on distributed-ledger technology (DLT), and join a conversation with NeuGroup members and Standard Chartered product experts to talk about what real companies are doing with blockchain and DLT to improve their business, their bottom line, and even make new businesses or products possible. Registration link Standard Chartered experts will discuss frontline client solutions, blockchain product execution, and blockchain industry partnerships: What has been successful and why? What…
June 1, 2021

Mega-Cap Assistant Treasurers Monthly Interim Meeting

About this meeting Members meet to discuss share repurchase strategies including OMRs, ASRs, and eOMRs. What strategies do members prefer and why? How has this changed as a result of the pandemic? About this Peer Group NeuGroup for Mega-Cap Assistant Treasurers is an invitation-only group of assistant treasurers from leading multinational corporations who share knowledge and practice for the further development of treasury expertise and careers. The group follows NeuGroup’s time-tested approach for membership peer groups, including facilitated agenda development,…
Capital AllocationCapital Markets
May 20, 2021

Back in Fashion, Buybacks Have Corporates Scoping Capital Structure

Many corporates are deciding whether to restart share repurchase plans suspended in 2020.After the pandemic hit, the volume of share repurchases plummeted and what continued was mainly executed by companies managing the top-20 programs in terms of volume, Societe Generale bankers told assistant treasurers at a recent NeuGroup meeting sponsored by the bank. Dividend payouts, meanwhile, stayed relatively steady and were only cut or canceled as a last resort, Societe Generale said (see chart). An increasing number of companies have…
COVID-19Treasury Management
May 13, 2021

To Return or Not to Return? That Is the Question 

With control of the pandemic in sight in the US, finance teams confront how to manage a return to the office.As the Covid infection rate in the US falls and vaccinations increase, the issue of when and how companies will bring employees back to the office is heating up. Assistant treasurers at a recent NeuGroup meeting sponsored by Societe Generale said some staff will return to corporate offices starting in July, raising a bevy of issues for managers. Who will…