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Using Bloomberg for “Nuisance” Trades

By April 2, 2020No Comments

Avoiding the time-intensive process of requesting trades in a centralized structure, local cash managers speed the process with online access to Bloomberg.

During a recent NeuGroup virtual meeting of FX managers, one member said he has started to use Bloomberg for local affiliates’ “nuisance trades.” These are foreign currency-denominated accounts payable under a certain USD-equivalent threshold.

  • Local freedom. The member noted his company’s corporate treasury manages FX worldwide, so they were happy to find that local cash managers are able to load their trades by accessing Bloomberg online (which doesn’t require Bloomberg terminal access) for the centralized team in the US to execute.
  • Straight through. This process has eliminated an inefficient trade-request process using email across various time zones. The team’s normal e-platform for FX trading is not the best solution for this because many local banks don’t have the technology to connect to it. But they are all connected to Bloomberg. Affiliates only need a login and an internet connection to submit trade requests.
  • Multicurrency. Bloomberg also can execute onshore trades and NDFs in currencies the other platform might not support, so the FX team is able to trade INR, CNY, MYR, THB, KRW, and BRL, all onshore.
  • A small catch. There is a fee for access and authority to upload trades to Bloomberg. But for this company, it is well worth the cost to efficiently reduce the time required for this workflow.
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