Closing the Gap: Corporates Step Toward Digital Assets

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NeuGroup Peer Research digs into how all treasuries can catch up to digital assets leaders.

NeuGroup’s newest survey, Digital Assets: Current and Future Use Cases, reveals that while many treasury teams have yet to launch blockchain projects and adopt the use of cryptocurrencies and digital assets, there’s a growing core of early adopters who can provide peers with ideas and methodologies for stepping up their engagement.

Preparing for the mainstreaming of corporate engagement in the digital asset space is a must for many companies that seek to remain competitive in an increasingly tech-driven world. Getting started can be overwhelming; however, our data and follow up-conversations with survey respondents reveal seven critical steps treasuries can take to narrow or close the gap and become more digital asset-enabled:

  1. Review peers’ projects to identify potential use cases and build better legal understandings around active digital assets projects.
  2. Work with trailblazers to identify how to allocate organizational resources efficiently.
  3. Engage with digitally savvy NeuGroup members for insights on which third parties to consider and how to evaluate their capabilities.
  4. Benchmark against successful product launches to evaluate available tools for processing on-chain transactions.
  5. Collaborate with other parts of the organization to determine how to create support channels for the product lines, build robust compliance for wallet support and work with tax and legal to understand and develop use-case-based tax and accounting strategies.
  6. Start small by opening a wallet and developing a token/digital currency policy, and work through specific operating hurdles before the project goes live.
  7. Take advantage of crypto market downturns to acquire talent, evaluate and upskill existing talent, or even buy an entire digital asset marketplace.
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