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Making Strategic Finance Decisions Built on Data and Integration

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Chatham Financial’s Amol Dhargalkar sees forward-looking treasury teams driving a future of data analysis woven into strategic decisions.

In a NeuGroup Insights video you can watch by hitting the play button below, Chatham Financial managing partner and board chairman Amol Dhargalkar shares with NeuGroup founder and CEO Joseph Neu a vision of the future for treasury and financial risk management built on data and integration. He gives two real-life examples that make his points concrete, clear and compelling.

Mr. Dhargalkar foresees advanced technology allowing finance teams to improve the collection and analysis of data from disparate sources and using the insights gleaned to make better risk management decisions. The key, though, is also integrating and coordinating those decisions with a company’s broader capital markets strategy—as well as the corporate’s overall strategic goals.

  • Last week, Mr. Neu and Mr. Dhargalkar sat down to record a forthcoming episode of NeuGroup’s Strategic Finance Lab podcast after the conclusion of the fall meeting of NeuGroup for Large-Cap Assistant Treasurers sponsored by Chatham and held at its headquarters in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania. The video is an excerpt from their conversation.
  • That same week, Chatham—a financial risk advisor and technology company focused on hedging strategies and solutions for FX, interest rate and commodity exposures—announced the acquisition of EA Markets, a capital markets investment banking firm. As part of the deal, Chatham appointed EA Markets co-founder and CEO Reuben Daniels as a managing director and global head of investment banking at Chatham.
  • In the podcast—slated to drop next week—Mr. Dhargalkar elaborates on why it made sense to add Mr. Daniels and EA to the Chatham team. And he discusses the importance of working as a team. “Everything we do in treasury and capital markets is a team sport,” he said. “The idea that we can the best version of ourselves by ourselves is one of the biggest myths out there.”
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