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Talking Shop: The Status of Bloomberg Disaster Recovery Services

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Editor’s note: NeuGroup’s online communities provide members a forum to pose questions and give answers. Talking Shop shares valuable insights from these exchanges, anonymously. Send us your responses: [email protected].

Member question: “We received a notice from Bloomberg that our Disaster Recovery (DR) service was ending on 12/31, but it seems they have kept it on for now. (I have not asked Bloomberg if they have extended due to Omicron.)

  • “We are looking at adding additional licensees with the hybrid work environment. How many Bloomberg licenses does your company have?”

Peer answer 1: “We have five (four Anywhere and one shared). We have two analysts using DR right now and I’m having this same discussion with Bloomberg. Our rep said they temporarily extended the service because of a lot of pushback around discontinuing at calendar year-end.

  • “I told our rep that Bloomberg needs to reimagine its licensing framework given the new remote/hybrid work world we’re in. I emphasized that we would not increase our Anywhere license count and would find the service less useful if the work our DR users do has to fall on the Anywhere users.”

Peer answer 2: “We have a single shared terminal for all of treasury. Bloomberg DR has been very helpful and we would also need to investigate adding additional Bloomberg licenses should the service end prematurely.”

Peer answer 3: “We were expecting the service to discontinue, but it did not. We received a letter from Bloomberg to sign within 30 days to renew the DR service.”

NeuGroup Insights reached out to Bloomberg for an update on DR services. “Over the course of the pandemic, we have repeatedly extended use of the DR service to help our customers stay connected to Bloomberg services.

  • “In December 2021, we again extended this expanded DRS access, and it continues to be available to all active DR service subscribers.”
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