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The ‘Crazy Hunger’ Behind a Treasurer’s Decision to Leave HP

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Comforted by finding a great candidate to succeed him, Zac Nesper left a job he loved to be ‘truly present’ for his kids.

Zac Nesper worked long and hard to become treasurer of HP in 2018 after being, in his words, “passed over five times” for the job. He thrived in the role, has a passion for treasury and has high praise for “great bosses” who gave him opportunities and responsibilities in treasury and other areas within finance.

So why did Mr. Nesper decide to leave treasury in 2023 and exit HP this year after more than two decades?

  • In the newest episode of NeuGroup’s Strategic Finance Lab podcast, live now on Apple and Spotify, he tells NeuGroup founder and CEO Joseph Neu that he realized several years ago that his two daughters—both highly-skilled softball players—would only be in the house three more years. And “I have this crazy hunger to just spend time with them.”

Zac Nesper and his daughter Katia

Successful succession. Part of what gave Mr. Nesper the comfort to step aside was finding the right successor within the company: Andrea Noseda, whom he had hired for a capital markets role four years earlier.

  • “I’ve got this personal desire to step out, but beyond that, I don’t want to stand in somebody else’s way,” he says in the podcast. “I don’t want to delay her for three years from something she can do when I’ve got passions elsewhere as well.”
  • Mr. Nesper shares what he’s been up to since leaving HP, telling Mr. Neu that out of the gate he enjoyed one of the greatest months of his life, full of softball tournaments, NCAA bowl games, gym workouts and nights out on the town with his wife.
  • Equally satisfying has been the number of people who have reached out to have in-depth conversations with him about how he made the personal decision to do what many of us dream about but never do. “I don’t think this is the right decision for everybody,” he tells Mr. Neu. But it was clearly the right one for him.
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