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FP&A Drives Finance to a Future of Data and Analytics

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Steve Rosvold of CFO.University explores FP&A’s evolving roles and opportunities.

At a growing number of NeuGroup member companies, FP&A teams are taking on added importance by becoming a strategic partner of the business, leveraging data analysis skills to provide insights to cross-functional teams across the finance organization.

  • In our newest video, CFO.University founder and chief learning officer Steve Rosvold shares his excitement about FP&A’s expanding role, highlighting how analytical skills can provide finance organizations with a tremendous advantage.
  • Mr. Rosvold foresees FP&A teams playing a pivotal part in transforming the finance function by enhancing revenue management, gaining insights into pricing dynamics and seizing opportunities for growth.
  • To hear his full thoughts on how FP&A can transform finance, including closer collaboration with accounting, hit the play button below. And for a full conversation between Mr. Rosvold and NeuGroup’s Nilly Essaides, listen to his recent episode of the Strategic Finance Lab podcast on Apple and Spotify.
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