Mid-Cap TreasurersNeuGroup News
June 2, 2023

Getting to Better Cash Visibility: Mid-Cap Treasurers Gather at Sidley Austin LLP In NYC

Members of NeuGroup’s Mid-Cap Treasurers’ Group met yesterday in Manhattan for their H1 2023 meeting! A big thank you to Sidley Austin LLP for hosting at their Midtown office and to TIS (Treasury Intelligence Solutions) for sponsoring the event. Members discussed a range of topics, including getting to better cash visibility – a perennial challenge for corporate treasurers. Also, a look at how one member tracks his shop’s treasury operating metrics and finally, a deep dive into the anatomy of a bond deal from a…
Senior ExecutiveTechnology
May 19, 2022

Stories and Foresight Built on Data: What a CFO Wants From Treasury

A seasoned CFO shares thoughts on automation and how treasury can elevate itself to become a strategic partner.The path of treasurers who are determined to walk the walk of becoming strategic business partners by devoting more time to value-adding activities and less to tactical tasks runs through automation that frees up bandwidth for intense data analysis. In making that point at a recent meeting of NeuGroup for Mid-Cap Treasurers sponsored by HighRadius, Jeff Martini, interim CFO of Bishop Lifting Products,…
Cash & Working CapitalInvestment Management
March 10, 2022

Tailoring Investment Policies to Suit the Size of the Cash Stockpile

For treasurers at acquisitive mid-cap companies with limited cash, short maturities and liquidity are critical. The size of a company and how much cash it has on hand play key roles in shaping corporate investment policies, with the breadth of investment options in a policy closely correlated with the amount of cash—i.e., the more cash, the more options. That takeaway emerged at a late fall meeting of NeuGroup for Mid-cap Treasurers during a session on investment policies featuring a presentation by…
Treasury Management
January 19, 2022

Building Blocks To Mitigate Key Person Risk and Boost Resiliency

How finance teams can prepare for the departures of members with valuable knowledge in a tight labor market.The question of how to mitigate so-called key person risk as treasury teams grapple with high turnover and difficulty filling open positions surfaced among members at a fall meeting of NeuGroup for Mid-Cap Treasurers sponsored by Chatham Financial. The broader context of the conversation was a session where Chatham advisors reviewed the key components of risk management—strategy, operating model and technology—and discussed case studies…
COVID-19Treasury Management
December 1, 2021

The Great (Treasury) Resignation

Insights and advice for treasury teams grappling with new challenges in recruiting talent and holding on to it.Treasury departments are not immune to the tight labor markets and higher workforce churn rates roiling employers at the same time they grapple with managing remote workers and the entry of a new and younger generation with different work expectations. That reality formed the backdrop for a conversation at a recent meeting of NeuGroup for Mid-Cap Treasurers on how to attract and retain talent,…
November 1, 2021

Mid-Cap Treasurers H2 Semiannual

About this meeting NeuGroup’s MidCap Treasurers Peer Group will get together for a one-day meeting to talk about a wide range of important topics. Meeting sponsor Chatham Financial will lead a discussion of how corporates face a new reality that is significantly different from the pre-pandemic business world. This will require improving their risk management programs by reviewing and refining their full range of tools. Chatham will also lead a session on the many considerations that will need to be…
Cash & Working CapitalFXTechnology
October 21, 2021

Closing Loops: Connecting FX Hedging and Cash Forecasts

How one member uses Cashforce to save time and money on FX trades—and helped create an automated hedging process.One assistant treasurer at a recent NeuGroup virtual interactive session said that her primary project for 2021 is “to make treasury as no-touch as possible.” This is a common theme for treasurers recently, though it’s not always clear where to start. Her first step was to seek potential connections in existing processes and platforms—which led to an overhauled and streamlined process for foreign…
October 19, 2021

Addressing FX Uncertainty in Today’s Market

About this meeting An update on the FX market environment and the internal and external metrics driving program management. This session will discuss current themes across our clients, and provide case studies of how internal and external triggers have impacted program strategies and operations. About this Peer Group NeuGroup for Mid-Cap Treasurers is an invitation-only group of treasurers from large multinational corporations with primary oversight responsibilities for the treasury function. The group follows NeuGroup’s time-tested approach for membership peer groups,…
September 20, 2021

Interest Rate Hedging Market and LIBOR Transition Update

About this meeting An update on the current interest rate market, latest corporate hedging strategies, and review of the state of the LIBOR transition. This session will examine current market conditions, communications from the Fed, and some of the actionable strategies companies are employing to efficiently and effectively manage their interest rate risk. About this Peer Group NeuGroup for Mid-Cap Treasurers is an invitation-only group of treasurers from large multinational corporations with primary oversight responsibilities for the treasury function. The…
August 23, 2021

Kellogg Company Shows Use of Cashforce for Auto-Adjusting Rolling FX Hedge Solution

About this meeting In this session, you will learn how Cash Forecasting and Working Capital through Cashforce solutions have facilitated process automation at multinational food manufacturer Kellogg Company. For example, how a fintech company, bank and corporate can work together to deliver value: Citi receiving forecasted currency positions from Kellogg’s, generated by Cashforce, on a rolling weekly basis to auto-adjust the monthly FX Hedge in place and preserve hedge ratios. Nicolas Christiaen – CEO Cashforce Kiera Agnew – Assistant Treasurer,…