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Rates, Credit Risk and AI: The Best of NeuGroup Insights 2023

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Popular posts telling the story of 2023, including volatile interest rates, bank counterparty credit risk and early treasury use cases for AI.

Top NeuGroup Insights of 2023. We are looking back at the 10 NeuGroup Insights posts that resonated most with members, sponsors and other readers during the past 12 months. These popular articles help tell the story of 2023 and merit reviewing or reading for the first time because they retain their relevance—for better or worse—as treasury and finance teams prepare for the year ahead.

  • For example, some of what corporate risk and cash investment managers did to prepare for the debt ceiling showdown that we described last spring may, unfortunately, become useful this winter as Congress faces two government shutdown deadlines, one on January 19, the other on February 2.
  • Interest rates—including when to swap from fixed to floating rates—remain a paramount concern of treasurers and chief financial officers weighing how the markets and the Fed are reading inflation data and weighing the risk of recession or the chances of a soft landing.
  • In addition and related to rates, you’ll also find posts on counterparty credit risk, an urgent concern that NeuGroup Peer Research explored in depth after the spring banking crisis prompted widespread fear about the credit worthiness of financial institutions among corporates. And for some regional banks, the crisis isn’t over.
  • Technology stories—yes, including some about artificial intelligence (AI)—also scored high this year as finance teams progress on their journeys of digital transformation and seek ways to reduce transactional work and focus on extracting actionable insights from data.
  • And while they’re not on this list, we want to call your attention to our two post popular Strategic Finance Lab podcasts from 2023. Top honors go to Aaron Bloomer of Baxter International and his insights on ChatGPT, AI and FP&A; and Sandra Ramos-Alves, who shared her career journey to becoming treasurer at Bristol Meyers Squibb.

Happy New Year! To read the complete list of NeuGroup Insights’ top 10 articles of 2023, please click here.

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